“We’re the women who never get written about.” And more from my last four days on the trail with
For independents who are sick of corruption as well as Democratic and Republican machine politics and business as usual, ⁦⁩ is a great choice. Elizabeth Warren Has a Movement. You Just Don’t See It Yet
Elizabeth Warren Has A Movement. You Just Don’t See It Yet. via
Women have made up the majority of Warren’s donors. And women made up the majority of her volunteers I met in Iowa, writes.
#mustread from on despite taking on months of withering attacks is quietly building a movement. She just keeps persisting - getting stronger and tougher for the stretch run. #LFG
Win or lose, I'm proud to stand with Warren. A good piece here from
Elizabeth Warren didn’t set out to be the Resistance Mom candidate. But she has became one.
A counterintuitive take from ⁦⁩ -- a third-place finish for Elizabeth Warren in Iowa, behind two audacious men, could focus the minds of women voters who felt robbed in 2016 and energized by 2018, if Warren plays it right.
Warren’s no-drama, people-first approach to campaigning means she is still in this thing, especially as Iowa numbers show she had more support than expected.
Warren has more support than you think, Says my excellent colleague , writing from Iowa. it's centered in women though, esp middle-aged women, so the media ignores it.