One fissure that divides partisans and skeptics of The Great Awokening: whether people are best judged by the general thrust of their words, deeds, & intentions, or by a "rap sheet" of the worst things they have said or done, even if unrepresentative
Who is verboten for Democrats? If Joe Rogan meets the standard something radical has changed. What? I raise some of the questions that went unanswered during the recent endorsement controversy, which is likely to recur
Oh look, I'm in and in because "bruh I'm peddling the wrong premise regarding Islamophobia" on the podcast. What castrati!
"Rogan critics tend to cite the most offensive statements that he has ever made and to judge him on their basis, no matter how anomalous or unrepresentative they are of his typical words or stated beliefs," argues
Conor Friedersdorf on Joe Rogan's Sanders endorsement. Talks about the ludicrousness of Democratic purity tests, but doesn't entirely let Rogan off the hook either.