1. This is a bombshell! raises real questions though no definitive conclusion about whether attack that killed a US contractor in Iraq and triggered cycle that nearly brought US & Iran into war actually conducted by ISIS - not militias with ties to Iran
I seriously thought Qais Al Khazaali wrote this article.
Iraqi military and intelligence officials have raised doubts about who fired the rockets that started the spiral of events, saying they believe it is unlikely that the militia the United States blamed for the attack, Khataib Hezbollah, carried it out
So it turns out the spiral of escalation that led to the US assassination of Suleimani, and to the brink of war, may well have begun with the Trump administration wrongly attributing the death of an American contractor to an Iran-backed militia.
Iraqis Question U.S. Claim That Iran-Backed Militia Attacked Base - The New York Times
Was U.S. Wrong About Attack That Nearly Started a War With Iran?
Trump admin is saying the attack this killing was retaliation for was conducted by Iran-backed militias. That's what it said about the attack that started the spiral that led to Suleimani's assassination--and that claim later came to look shaky at best