I was almost done interviewing Weinstein’s defense attorney when I decided to ask one more question: had she ever been sexually assaulted? “I have not,” she said at 23:50. “Because I would never put myself in that position.” Then things really heated up.
The interview was almost over when decided to ask Harvey Weinstein's defense attorney one more question: "I had another question which was whether or not you've been sexually assaulted?"
At the end of The Daily's podcast, asks Harvey Weinstein's lead defense lawyer if she's ever been sexually assaulted. Her response: "I have not. Because I would never put myself in that position."
Great interview with Donna Rotunno, #HarveyWeinstein's criminal defence attorney. She points out life-changing damage done (unfairly) to men accused of sexual misconduct - before it even gets to trial and after rightful acquittal. #MeToo Sin vs Crime.
One of the reporters who broke the story of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuse more than 2 years ago, , speaks with Donna Rotunno, the lawyer behind Weinstein’s legal strategy. Listen to today's episode of The Daily.
Just jump to 23:31 here.
Did NOT expect what happens 24 mins in. handles the interview beautiful. Such a pro
Today's NYT Daily podcast makes my blood boil. Megan Twohey interviewed Weinstein lawyer Donna Rotunno. She rehearses all the worst rape culture narratives. She's not against the #metoo movement — she's just worried about the consequences it has had