My Sunday essay excerpts my new book: The Age of Decadence
“This feedback loop — in which sterility feeds stagnation, which further discourages childbearing, which sinks society ever-deeper into old age — makes demographic decline a clear example of how decadence overtakes a civilization,” writes
In Opinion writes, "The farther you get from that iPhone glow, the clearer it becomes: Our civilization has entered into decadence."
"truth of the first decades of the 21st century … is that we probably aren’t entering a 1930-style crisis for Western liberalism or hurtling forward toward transhumanism or extinction. Instead, we are aging, comfortable & stuck"
I cannot wait to read ’s book, excerpted here
“The desire for a different future only goes so far.” -⁦⁩, in a brilliant book excerpt “It seems rather easy for Christian writers to announce the end of the age-since, after all, it was never to their liking.” -Judith Shklar
Amazing piece by -- an argument for striving for virtue if there ever were one. Most virtues require sacrifice for the future -- a grit that makes us work to improve ourselves & the world, not complacently wallow in what we have.
“realism about our own situation should make us more inclined, not less, to look and hope for one — for the day when our culture feels more fruitful, our politics less futile and the frontiers that seem closed today are opened once again.”