Pete Buttigieg is like a crude proof-of-concept model that was eventually altered, refined, rebuilt and launched as Obama. But now he has escaped the abandoned lab and started running for president.
Nobody on the right has done a better (or wittier) job of explaining why Pete Buttigieg sets my teeth a-grinding than , who published this (in very timely fashion) tonight
Mayor Pete’s rise is the most amazing story. It also gives me the creeps.
>I’m not saying for sure that Pete Buttigieg is a robot or a phenomenon of massive psychotic projection. I can’t prove that. All I can say is that when he came out on stage in Iowa, I felt like we were undergoing a coup.<
I'm also glad that and I can end our Romney wars in shared Buttigieg mystification
Creepy Pete - wonders how this happened ...
I wrote about Creepy Pete
‘The whole timbre and cadence of his speech seemed to be modeled after the rhetoric of Barack Obama. But it lacked all the reassuring notes of specificity that seemed to prove Obama was an actual human being’ Brilliant piece by on Creepy Pete
For once we agree
This gets Mr Vacuity right. Creepy Pete