Look at that, an article openly bashing the idea of due process and the presumption of innocence. Terrible people, those right-wing Trump fa- oh no wait it's a progressive feminist columnist for a major publication
Does really think she's doing women a favor by trashing due process, because she doesn't like it being used by bad men? In America, in 2020, can she not imagine a world in which good women might need it desperately?
If you favor the defendant, due process is a tool of justice. If you favor the accuser, due process is a weapon of destruction. It's not really about due process, but about who you favor in any given prosecution.
“Due process suggests the comforts of idealized thinking, summoning notions of equality and fairness and the sanctity of facts. It may be rooted in reason; in practice, though, it can look like ... a perpetuation of harm. “ Sigh.
I have heard this observation (I'm not sure it's an argument, as presented here; it seems to boil down to "you know what grinds my gears? The presumption of innocence") made in conversations about Title IX reform.