I had to re-write the introduction to a paper, so I diagrammed the introductions of a bunch of development papers in top economics journals. This is what I learned: "How to Write the Introduction of Your Development Economics Paper." #EconTwitter
Research shows that economics papers with more readable introductions get cited more. But what does that look like? 🤔 scours papers from a range of top journals to find out
I'll just add to it, my guidance on writing introductions to empirical economics papers.
Your introduction is your kingdom. 👑 Invest in it, and rule it well, for it’s how you win (or lose) the readers of your economics paper. offers guidance: #EconTwitter
has a great blog post on this here (for development, but still)
Once done choosing the topic, next is the introduction. As writes, “You win or lose your readers with the introduction of your economics paper.” This blog definitely holds my unwavering attention till the end
I had to rewrite an introduction yesterday, and I was dreading it. Then I went back to the introduction formula and just plodded through the formula. Not particularly inspired, but it got the job done.
Nice! guidance on writing by the prolific
What is the anatomy of an effective introduction for an academic article? If research is a craft, then aspects of it must be structured, systematic, even formulaic. This post analyzes articles in Economics, but the wisdom is multi-disciplinary: #soctwitter
I followed a similar strategy (just for introductions) and provide a primer on writing the introductions of development economics papers, with examples.