Peter Thiel's review of 's book is thoughtful, provocative, and includes at least one joke that is laugh-out-loud funny.
Peter Theil review Ross Douthats "The Decadent Society: How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success": -stagnation (technological & economic mediocrity) -sterility (declining birth rates) -sclerosis (institutional failure) -repetition (cultural exhaustion)
Peter Thiel reviews Important new book outlining 4 aspects of decadence dragging us down: stagnation (technological and economic mediocrity), sterility (declining birth rates), sclerosis (institutional failure), and repetition (cultural exhaustion).
Whole lot going on in this Peter Thiel review of Ross Douthat's new book
📕 I did not know that does book reviews, but apparently he does. Here's his take on 's "The Decadent Society" in , in which Douthat proposes 4 reasons technological/social progress is slowing
An excellent review by Peter Thiel of the new book by . How can we escape the four big problems facing our civilization: tech stagnation, institutional sclerosis, cultural repetition, and bio sterility?
"Extreme optimism and fatalistic pessimism may seem to be stark opposites, but they both end in apathy. If things were sure to improve or bound to collapse, then our actions would not matter one way or the other."
.⁦⁩ joins ⁦⁩ in a conversation about Western decadence. You think talk of decay is misguided? Try reading what they have to say. I think it’s persuasive.
Theil on Douthat via Tyler Cowen ...
And Peter Thiel
We need a futurist religious revival. Engineer this planet and others to sustain life. "Some of them, I assume, are good aliens." - lol
Don't quite understand the anti-boomer subplot here. Nobody knows that cars have gotten "uglier" since the '60s more than boomers! Nobody realizes more intensely that aspirations of progress have not been realized.