1/ A thread: What happens when a rocket company moves in right next door? Last fall, I visited a little neighborhood in South Texas to find out.
The residents of a small village in South Texas never imagined that SpaceX would move in right next to them. Now SpaceX wants them out, writes
There’s a spot on the coast of Texas, almost at the end of the road, that was a quiet retreat from the rest of the world. Then SpaceX decided to build a rocket ship next door. found out what it’s like when a rocket giant becomes your neighbor
Excellent article about how plans to become multi-planetary affect people on this planet. Complex, nuanced, and very well written. Great job !
"I think it’s probably a very good thing if they know that someone has an eye on them.” attorney on whether eminent domain should be used to take homes near the Texas launch site
I love everything writes, but her new feature, about a small town in Texas taken over by SpaceX, is on a whole 'nother level
SpaceX Is Taking Over the Tiny Village of Boca Chica