California task force confirms what IQ researchers have argued for decades: standardized tests like the SAT - predict college performance, - promote meritocracy, & - are fairer than fuzzier admissions criteria that are easier for rich families to game.
A California task force shows that banning tests helps the privileged.
This is the only way the culture war doesn't end up in a rout in which the bad guys dominate: Pragmatic, data-oriented liberals *finally* take on the social justice and identitarian cultists on the far-left, and say, "OK, we've had enough of this."
The key to expanding college opportunity isn’t to eliminate testing but to demand more choice and accountability in K-12 schools.
"Those agitating against tests claim to be advocates for students from underprivileged backgrounds. Yet privileged students are more likely to know the kinds of extracurricular activities and essays that please admissions officers." Yep!