“A straight politician in a gay man’s body.” He’s straight because he isn’t a hard leftist. I kid you not.
"The notion that some of us think Buttigieg is not gay enough has an identifiable relationship to the facts." This garbage was published in the NEW YORKER 1/
In which he really isn't gay enough. In a sense. The Queer Opposition to Pete Buttigieg, Explained via
Ugh. The New Yorker published another one of those "not gay enough" things. This time the explanation is that Buttigieg doesn't have the right kind of "queer politics."
The Queer Opposition to Pete Buttigieg, Explained. Best piece I’ve read on the split in the queer community over Pete, by ⁦⁩ of course.
Another day, another godawful Pete-Buttigieg-isn’t-gay-enough article that pretends the definition of the word gay is not “same sex attraction” but “being a socialist.” Pete is not a socialist and therefore not gay. Wrong and dumb, obviously.
I think every single respectable media outlet will have managed to run a “Pete isn’t gay enough” article by the end of the primary
What if Democrats are physically incapable of attacking Buttigieg without objecting to his gayness? What if it’s just literally impossible for them? Because it appears that’s the case
It's not enough to be an identity. You must be it authentically, which means in agreement with Theory, and as an activist for its politics.
The difference between radical, revolutionary queer Theory and mainstream, mostly liberal LGBT views and activism in a single article, neatly summarized. Queer Theory isn't the only way on these issues. It is, in fact, a bad way.
Not far in, but... "a reassuring choice for some older, white, straight people" As it so often is, "white" is dropped in lazily. As if older Asian, Black and Latino straight people more likely to be A-okay with him in Daisy Dukes and glitter makeup.
Am wondering where this leaves straight people who were bullied for perceived weirdness (including gender non-conformity) during childhood via
Remember how Obama “wasn’t black enough” for some black folks? Well, now Pete Buttigieg isn’t gay enough for some gay folks. Hence the auto-cannibalization of the woke cult with its anti-liberal pseudo-intersectional identity fetishes continues.
Some queer people think that Pete Buttigieg … a current contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination, is not gay enough. Maybe they should draft Ru-Paul to run for President. via
The Queer Opposition to Pete Buttigieg, Explained via
If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks in his cavern
The Queer Opposition to Pete Buttigieg, Explained | The New Yorker
The Queer Opposition to Pete Buttigieg, Explained via
"One kind of queer politics is… society… radically changed by many kinds of people fighting many kinds of injustice, a society in which economic, social, political, & sexual relationships have been transformed" To many, Pete not radical enough to be gay!
Queer theory doesn't really accept that some people are naturally gay. They see it as an act of resistance to heteronormativity which is oppressive & this has solidified. This is how Pete Buttigieg got accused of not being gay enough.
I admire Masha Gessen’s writings a great deal - except for the execrably lazy essay on the Boston bombers - but this is a shitty little take-down, despite its claims not to judge gay people who can choose to be closeted.