My take on the Trump-Stone-Barr mess, and my first piece in .
Jack Goldsmith, who wrote some of the more persuasive defenses of Bill Barr's approach to the Mueller Report, doesn't find anything to defend in the Stone affair
Worth re-upping Jack Goldsmith's piece on Barr
Ex-Bush official Jack Goldsmith on the Stone case: "Where are Republicans? ... The answer is familiar but still ugly: They don't care about the principle when ignoring it serves their political interests. Which means: They don't care about the principle."
. on the presidency and the DOJ: “Obama understood and supported the norm against White House non-comment on ongoing investigations but broke it a few times. That was bad. Donald Trump’s behavior here is much, much worse.“
.: “Bill Barr has a decision to make. He can tell Trump to stop interfering in DoJ business, he can stop acting on that interference, or he can quit.” Amen.
Goldsmith: Barr has a decision to make
#ICYMI ⁦⁩ was on ⁦⁩ talking about Attorney General Barr, as well as his recent piece for ⁦⁩.
He needs to make the president stop barking politicized commands to the Department. Or he needs to stop acting in ways consistent with those orders and provocations. Or, if he cannot do one of those two things, he should quit. <-- good luck with that
William Barr Has a Decision to Make - By the great Jack Goldsmith
Excellent piece, by in The Dispatch
If you were mad that Clinton met Lynch on the tarmac but you’re cheering Bill Barr for intervening with Roger Stone, you might be — no, no you’re definitely — doing it wrong.
. hasn't been an alarmist about Trump's abuse of presidential power. this piece by him carries all the more weight because of that.
William Barr Has a Decision to Make - The Dispatch
William Barr Has a Decision to Make