It is estimated that the measles, rotavirus, and pneumococcal conjugate #vaccines could help avert $4.6 billion (2016 US$, adjusted for purchasing power parity) in out-of-pocket medical expenses in 41 #Gavi-eligible LMICs during 2016–2030. Find details:
Studies found that #vaccines are positively associated with cognition and school attainment, suggesting benefits of long-term improved #economic productivity. Read the full article on why vaccines matter here: #immunizationeconomics
New evidence suggests #measles #vaccine may improve immunological memory and prevent co-infections-- forming a protective shield against other infections, improving health, cognition, schooling & productivity outcomes into adulthood in low-income settings.
The #measles vaccine has also been associated with a 7.4% higher school enrollment rate among children in #Bangladesh. #Immunizationeconomics