Chief Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings has a new advisor Andrew Sabisky Here is Sabisky: 1 Openly advocating eugenics 2 Speaking at a white nationalist eugenics conference, later shut down by UCL H/t
Here is Dominic Cummings' new adivsor, Andrew Sabisky, openly advocating eugenics:
I see Dominic Cummings’ new hire, Andrew Sabiskey, is into eugenics
Favourite fact so far about Andrew Sabisky: His dad is Ed Sabisky, finance director of Unite
Why does it not surprise me that Andrew Sabisky is Dominic Cummings’ new advisor. Why does it not surprise me either that gave him air time?
I've had a few students like this. Clever and charismatic, but if you're an expert you know their apparent knowledge is a veneer, and they mostly survive on fast talk and charm. It's a catastrophe when one seduces journalists and politicos before maturing.