stop-and-frisk case judge: "When...viewed in [combo] with his post-mayoral advocacy [on]...immigrants rights, environmental protections, abortion rights and gun regulation, I am convinced that he has done much to atone for his unforgivable overuse"
First surprise of the night via
Bloomberg's hopeless performance last night, including on this issue, in no way belies Scheindlin's common sense here. Kudos to her for viewing the man in full on race issues, especially given that she was key in killing the stop and frisk regime.
Too much weight is being put on what people believe and not what they do...if the president did have biased feelings but implemented policy that was fair to everyone isn't that better than the reverse?
An unexpected endorsement of Bloomberg for his work on behalf of minorities
This is correct. Bloomberg speaks for his class, not his race. The bigger threat is that he will gut social insurance, not that he will "stop and frisk" a nation. I Was the Judge in the Stop-and-Frisk Case. I Don’t Think Bloomberg Is Racist.
"...a stop based on racial profiling instead of reasonable suspicion is unconstitutional. But this does not mean [#Bloomberg] hates black people. The most I can say is he had a pure heart but an empty head..."