Michael Bloomberg deserved to be called out last night for Stop and Frisk and more--but the culture of callouts that characterize our era makes me fear that typical voters won't recognize that the transgression in this case was egregious
"Casual media consumers are ... inundated with hyperbolic, frivolous, and slight accusations of transgressions related to racism or sexism that some now reflexively discount them," argues .
Why Callout Culture Helps Mike Bloomberg
Compare bygone allegations that Mayor Pete has a race problem and that Bernie Sanders has a sexism problem with Michael Bloomberg's record on such matters
Well, I still think that within the genre of blaming political correctness (callout culture, etc.), this is one of the least plausible versions of the argument you can run. But perhaps credit to Conor for having the courage to bite all the bullets.
"In addition to failing the woke test, Bloomberg fails the treating people of all races with equal dignity test, the upholding civil rights test, the adhering to the Constitution test, and the authoritarian test."