From NYT: 'How Bloomberg Bungled a Debate That He Had Been Prepped For; Michael Bloomberg’s campaign advisers had anticipated tough debate questions on stop-and-frisk and nondisclosure agreements. The former mayor’s performance left his team rattled.'
“I led the debate prep and I accept the responsibility for inadequately preparing him,” says top Bloomberg aide But are his problems fixable? NDA issue especially has Bloomberg allies rattled & me
Faced with questions he knew were coming -e.g., releasing ex-employees from non-disclosure agreements - Bloomberg babbled. It's as if Jose Altuve heard the banging on the trash can and struck out anyway.
In NYT piece, Bloomberg's highly-paid staff avoids pointing fingers at candidate. Wolfson takes blame for debate performance. ('I accept responsibility for inadequately preparing him.') But it's early yet...
I continue to wonder whether this foreshadows a major negative ad blitz against Sanders by Bloomberg.