Looks like my thread on countermeasures to #Covid19 got split up for many readers. Thanks and maybe some humans who helped (?) for putting it all together. Here it is as one thing.
As #COVID19 is starting to appear impossible to contain, countermeasures are vital. The best thread I've seen on these yet: (h/t )
Thread by : A short (I hope) thread about countermeasures As the world's view of the #COVID19 spread turns from containable outbreademic, the clear next question is what countermeasures can be used. Categorizing these can be helpful. 1. Tempora…
Not short thread, but another thing you can be considering proactively. What will your community do about public closures? Your school district, workplace? So they have a pandemic plan? They need one now.
3. On the population risk of transmission (my 40-70% comment in context): (updated 25 February) 4. On modeling the epidemic: basic principles (with Rebecca Kahn) 5. On countermeasures: .
Fantastic, detailed thread by expert epidemiologist covering many subtle aspects of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic and how it is likely to unfold and how best to respond.
Excellent Thread by : A short thread about #COVID2019 countermeasures.