The former Uber employee Susan Fowler’s "Whistleblower" is one of several recent books that use the intimacies of memoir to lay out a cultural indictment, writes.
"Fowler’s story—her full story—is the indictment. That is what gives WHISTLEBLOWER its power." on 's new memoir. Read more here
The most thoughtful and laudatory review of 's WHISTLEBLOWER yet, describing it as "a memoir in the classic sense" that, along with recent books by Chanel Miller, , and more, uses the form to lay out a cultural indictment
This review of my book in the Atlantic made my heart stop for a moment. I feel deeply understood in a way I haven’t felt many times in my life.
I was really moved by the strength of character that comes through in Whistleblower, and that was evident at 's event tonight. Highly recommend reading the book.