Experts have created a map that provides realtime updates on where #coronavirus cases have emerged and the number of total cases on a country-by-country and worldwide basis. Take a look:
Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases as tracked by Johns Hopkins University's
There have been more deaths in King County, Washington than in Beijing.
The story behind Prof. Lauren Gardner's popular and influential COVID-19 dashboard and what comes next (lots of analysis and modeling!) Her tracker:
Today, the total number of covid-19 cases outside of China for the first time passed the number inside of China.
Confirmed #CoronaVirus cases in Washington, DC went from 10 to 16 overnight
Today the global #COVID19 #COVIDー19 total confirmed cases hits 100k+. Learn more about #coronavirus from our website. Desktop Version: Mobile Version:
Johns Hopkins website gets two billions views a day.
Remember when there were only 156,000 #COVID19 cases? I tried to draw the Dashboard today and it was all red. Big acknowledgements to Lauren Gardner and for providing such a useful tool.
Researchers at are using NSF support to upgrade an internet dashboard that visualizes and tracks the #COVID19 outbreak in real-time, giving health and policy officials the data they need. #takeoverNSF
Check out dashboard for tracking the #CoronavirusOutbreak. It manages to convey the scale and gravity of the problem while also highlighting the vastly larger number of recoveries over deaths. (via )
Germany Population - 83 million Confirmed #COVID19 deaths - 9,000 UK Population - 68 million Confirmed #COVID19 deaths - 42,500 Something has gone badly wrong here. Why arent people angry? This govt has blood on its hands #JohnsonHasFailedTheNation
1. A tale of 2 #COVID19 case maps: Left: Shows total cases (bigger circles, more cases) Right: Shows cases per 10,000 residents. Much easier to see very concerning #rural outbreaks in ID, LA, CO, ID thread
Yesterday 69,156 new confirmed infections, off this chart of 7-day avg We're headed to new heights of spread and stupidity
If you want to see the # of #coronavirus cases world-wide -- and in the USA -- this is the tracker we use by
For real time tracking (see link below) 1)Slightly over 82,000 confirmed cases 2) 2, 876 deaths 3) That's a 3.41% mortality rate 4) 1918 Spanish Flue 2% mortality rate 5) Yearly Flue .01% mortality rate 6) CDC is muzzled See John's Hopkins map & stick w/it
BTW, if you haven't seen Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard yet, it's a neat tool. Phone users you can switch to a phone-friendly version via a tab in the corner.
Tableaux de bord/#Dashboards/#Mappe #Covid_19 - Global (John Hopkins): - #Italia (ufficiale): - #France (collaboratif): - #Espana (oficial): - #Deutschland :
Hello, good afternoon, let's do another mappy Twitter-torial, shall we? Today's topic is visualizing aggregate data. Mostly it's a critique of this map, which you've probably seen quite a bit. It has great data! But I take issue with the techniques used.
This is an interesting link () from with REAL TIME global cases of #COVID19. Within 3mo of the first case, there have been 121K global cases and 4K deaths. Some argue it’s all hype, but it doesn’t look that way to me.
This is an interesting link () from with REAL TIME global cases of #COVID19. Within 3mo of the first case, there have been 121K global cases and 4K deaths. Some argue it’s all hype, but it doesn’t look that way to me.
Keep informed of the numbers and trends. Yes, stay home. Encourage all people to boost immune system through nutrition and supplements.
. researchers are posting real time data about the spread of the #coronavirus. An economic analysis would measure the economic cost of the 14 day "isolation periods" for those who may have the disease and the social benefits of this (1/2)
Update of global confirmed cases of #coronavirus -19 from as of 9:30 a.m. ET 🌎Global 1,935,646 🇺🇸United States 582,634 🇪🇸Spain 172,541 🇮🇹Italy 159,516 🇫🇷France 137,877 🇩🇪Germany 130,383 🇬🇧U.K. 89,571 🇨🇳China 83,306
“It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases. 11 days for the second 100,000. And just 4 days for the third 100,000 cases,” WHO's Tedros said yesterday. It just hit 400,000, so it was 3 days for next 100k.
South Korea is the country that has done the most testing of minimally symptomatic patients. Their mortality rate is 0.7
For those wanting to know, here is a great map of Cronovirus cases worldwide, updated hourly.
Speaking of epi curves, the dashboard has now been updated to demo that cases cases inside mainland China have been surpassed by the rest of the world. Details at #covid19
For a few days, I become many requests to help to promote new #COVID19 tracking apps or risk assessment platforms. I decided to decline all of them. All we need now is to follow national health authorities and recommendations + map
informative and well presented: the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering dashboard on #COVID19. Especially interesting- the lower right graph showing exponential growth in China and how the rest of us are now in that phase
Bad news - Johns Hopkins #Covid_19 map now at 2.67 million cases confirmed worldwide
With every day that passes, China’s achievement appears all the more impressive. And even the Chinese are not out of the woods yet. (Data from )
Latest #Coronavirus #COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) from
Interactive web-based dashboard to visualize and track reported cases of COVID-19 in real-time from
The ARCGIS site seems to be the most up to date but it doesn’t seem to display state totals—only by county
Confirmed COVID-19 cases
Look at the death rate in S. Korea: 2nd highest # of confirmed cases, death rate of only ~0.5% (28/5621). Drive-thru testing there. Other countries simply aren’t testing enough patients.
Real-time coronavirus tracker, ht
This is a nifty #COVID19 interactive web-based dashboard HT #Coronavirus #SARSCoV2
So reported 19 new cases today. Johns Hopkins (which is the best repository of data) has 60+ new cases.
Another site keeping track of Covid 19 around the world. Necessarily reliant on known case numbers that are incomplete.
Continues to be a critical graphic. Topline is growth of new infections in mainland China. The lower, yellow line is the rest of the world.
Whatever your political leanings, you should not listen to the President on coronavirus. Try for information and recommended actions; for updates on spread of epidemic.
OMG, the US is going to pass 7 MILLION #COVID19 cases tomorrow, right after we passed 200K deaths.
What a difference 3 weeks makes. Global case numbers & mortality still doubling approx weekly. Behind the front page are some encouraging signs of smaller daily increases in Spain & Italy. We will get there too Canada. #PhysicalDistancing #publichealth
Lest anyone get too complacent... have a look at this stunning graph. 127,000 new cases reported today in the US alone. Yes, #PhysicalDistancing is working. No, it is not time to let our guard down. Source:
Why isn't the keeping up-to-date numbers on coronavirus cases? They list far fewer than NYT and Johns Hopkins
According to Johns Hopkins, total deaths so far attributed to #CoronaVirus Beijing: 8 Kings County (Seattle): 5 Source
New #COVID19 cases in the USA have been higher this week than the same day last week for 4 out of 5 days... data from More testing, or a worrying sign?
If Johns Hopkins data are accurate, then Italy now has more active cases than China
The #CoronaEpidemic has now spread to > 63 counties. The world has moved beyond containment & travel bans! #Ethiopia needs a whole of government approach & establish a #coronavirus task team to prepare better. ⁦⁩ ⁦
Amazing #COVID19 visualization. Scary
On #MemorialDay2020, the US is projected to record its 100,000th #COVID19 death. If there is a God, he/she is making a point. #VoteHimOut
15 hours later, the number is 959, with tests still not widely available.
Facts matter: This interactive map from Johns Hopkins University tracks updated global info on the location & confirmed cases of the #coronavirus #Covid19
At this rate, the world could have 1 million covid-19 cases this week
We're starting to see significant divergence b/w WHO numbers (213 cases in U.S.) and Johns Hopkins (which shows 547). Anybody know why that is? WHO: JH:
Checking the Johns Hopkins #COVID19 map, noticed the death & recovery data windows now missing sums for all countries others than Mainland China (can still get by clicking on map, tho US data's wholly disaggregated), & global confirmed cases figure is old
Following the Johns Hopkins CSSE maps of the #COVID19 outbreak is like reading the Passage.
The US is on the verge of having 8 million reported #COVID19 cases. EIGHT MILLION. Case counts are rising rapidly & are now at levels we had in July. Mask up!
Just passed crossover- more cases outside of China than in China, per Johns Hopkins dashboard (charted normal + log plot)
Just eyeballing the curves, it appears that Italy will have more COVID-19 cases & deaths than China. I know it's hard to verify the numbers, but likely will be true.
It looks like we'll surpass 1,000 cases of coronavirus in the U.S. by tomorrow. We're at 971 right now, per Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins interactive map of the worldwide spread of coronavirus
I've been checking this site daily and the most interesting thing to me is how the "recovered" number in the US has held steady at 8 for a very long time with no increase.
Excellent infographic on spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
We have surpassed Japan in number of cases. Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
A #coronavirus tracker.
This is currently more reliable than our government agencies if you are looking for accurate stats regarding #coronavirus #COVID19
Hopkins has made a map of COVID-19 cases; may be helpful for experts.
Nice graphic on COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries by country/region
The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map now indicates 60 cases confirmed in the US
Two excellent trackers for #COVID19 in US: state-level aggregates, sources (in external URLs) for individual cases, timely updates; county level counts and visualization
If you haven't seen it already, this is a fantastic real-time COVID-19 tracker dashboard from
Not exactly but this database and interface is great
Idaho and Alaska
Hopkins has produced a powerful, live map that tracks the global distribution of viral cases
At the moment, the US is #9 on the list of countries ranked by number of corona virus COVID-19 cases. I guess it'll be #5 within a week.
Great data and visualization tool for #COVID19 #Coronavirus. Pulling from multiple sources: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXY. Good data is power!
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the rest of the world have just surpassed China's total according to John Hopkins stats:
Great map with real-time #coronavirus updates by country from Useful resource, even if there is still no data reported for so many countries!
Not gonna lie, that Johns Hopkins map has all the end of world feels. #COVID19 #coronavirus
Outside China we are hitting the coronavirus singularity, soon the whole Earth will be converted to coronavirus. Source:
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
JHU #coronavirus dashboard now shows country-specific trends in cumulative confirmed cases in graph in bottom right. Screenshot is for the UK.
Just noticed (a) French Polynesia is showing 860 deaths, and (b) the US deaths don't show on the dashboard. #coronavirus
10th, 17th and 24th March #coronavirus (screenshots from JHU dashboard ). Avoid all unnecessary physical contact.
Wow, super comprehensive dataset and interactive visualization of worldwide coronavirus cases from
we live in the future
This Johns Hopkins site is much better, though still missing the 11 new cases from Westchester, NY just announced. :/
The Johns Hopkins CSSE dashboard has been updated to include testing rates for all US states. Should make for some interesting analyses. A cursory glance suggests that incidence rates could be a function of testing rates, as some have hypothesized.
Like the US testing and hospitalization stats on the JHU COVID-19 site. Should help put confirmed cases into context of testing vol. Not sure if it was there all along. Incidence rate is also nice but until testing scaled up still inaccurate.
Calculating death rate overall in the US: NY = 44% of total and NY + NJ = 55% of total. Is problem more localized? Should we focus on hotspots? How can we reopen and limit new hotspots? Death is final, but, what about long-term disability with infection?
Here's a handy dashboard for tracking the coronavirus.
A detailed map of COVID-19 cases and outcomes
Global #coronavirus Live Dashboard #DataScience
Welp. Just passed that milestone. 100,271 people have died due to #covid19 Whats it gonna take before we have a coordinated Federal strategy? Screenshot from
I keep looking at this map from Johns Hopkins re: #coronavirus
As before, excess death estimates are taken from the work of : Official death reports for the same dates are taken from the tracker maintained by JHU:
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
As previously, the excess death estimates are taken from : The official COVID-19 death tolls are taken from the data collected by JHU:
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) latest
Global #COVID19 Numbers as of July 6, 2020. 11,471,225 cases 534,787 deaths 6,193,875 recovered
Johns Hopkins' COVID-19 Dashboard keeps posting made-up estimates of how few "recovered." For NY they show 32,926 died and only 74,850 recovered out of 436,852 confirmed cases, leaving 75% or 329,076 New Yorkers still sick. This is statistical fraud.
Off to Uruguay chaps. Or Botswana
I am blown away by the tireless work of healthcare professionals, virologists, & modelers who are taking care of the sick and tracking the spread & prevalence of #COVID2019. Also, how does Germany have the 6th highest # of tracked cases and zero deaths?