The three-week decline is roughly equal to the amount of carbon dioxide that the state of New York puts out in a full year.
"The numbers offer a sobering reminder of how deeply the modern economy still depends on fossil fuels. Whenever industrial activity declines... climate pollution tends to plummet, too." The Coronavirus and Carbon Emissions via 👀👀
In the past month, the world has seen a remarkably large drop in emissions of carbon dioxide, the main driver of global warming. The reason isn’t something to celebrate. via
Rather interesting how the impact of the #coronavirus can be seen in the atmosphere as well. There has been a dramatic decrease in CO2 emissions since the outbreak.
The drop in China's carbon emissions associated with the coronavirus outbreak is nothing to cheer. One, one (obviously) should not cheer a pandemic. Two, emissions could rebound even higher than expected once the outbreak eases, as this piece explores
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. you might be interested in this other climate-coronavirus connection - COVID-19 seems to have led to a prolonged post-New Year dip in China's coal consumption
(Temporary) Green New Deal? The Coronavirus and Carbon Emissions
The Coronavirus and Carbon Emissions
“Controlling the outbreak and maintaining economic growth are now going to be China’s top priority. And we’ve seen in the past, whenever economic growth needs to be prioritized, the environmental agenda takes a back seat”
Hope the coronavirus becomes a thing of the past asap for the people of China, and increasingly elsewhere around the planet. Clearly, taking and economic as well as personal toll.