Median % across 34 nations who say each is very important to have in their country: A fair judiciary 82% Gender equality 74% Freedom of religion 68% Regular elections 65% Freedom of speech 64% Press freedom 64% Internet freedom 59% Free civil society 55%
Support for freedom of the press is up in several nations since 2015: 🇫🇷France +19 percentage points 🇬🇧UK +19 points 🇹🇷Turkey +19 🇺🇸U.S. +13 🇦🇺Australia +12 🇵🇭Philippines +11 🇵🇱Poland +10 🇮🇩Indonesia +10 🇨🇦Canada +8
"[A] stronger measure of commitment to democracy is the share of people who say it is very important to have [democratic principles] in their country. Often, underwhelming percentages describe democratic rights and institutions as very important."
New data on "dissatisfied democrats" in Britain/world -Big majority support democracy but ... -70% reject idea officials care "what ppl like me think" -69% dissatisfied with how democracy is working -Only 44% think the state runs for "benefit of all"
Democratic Rights Popular Globally but Commitment to Them Not Always Strong | Pew Research Center