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I have quit my university job & will now focus on teaching & publishing research on , directly to students & readers. Universities are a waste of time, talent & money for professors & students. They are only good for administrators, whose jobs are obsolete
Ep 110 of is live now! I sat down with to discuss: - Academia - BTC & supply side of $ - - Building an Austrian curriculum - much more Peep it. Share it. Take it in. Engage.
Trying out a new media policy: No talking to media. Talking to media is volunteering free content & audience to them & allowing them to misrepresent you. It's a fool's errand. If you want to know what I think you can see it on or on Twitter.
I'm looking to upgrade to a more sophisticated and interactive learning platform and looking for a part-time developer with these skills. Please email [email protected] if interested.
The Arabic translation of the The Bitcoin Standard is now available for purchase from and for download from . Thanks to for their sponsorship, and to for supervising it.
You can get a 20% discount on courses and research papers on by paying with bitcoin! Because Gresham's Law does not apply online. Thiers' Law does.
If you've registered for a course on you should have received a confirmation/test email now. If you didn't receive it, check your spam folder & if it's not there, let me know to be sure to add you. You need to receive emails from me to attend the lectures!
Where to start with Bitcoin (BTC): 📃Read ’s The Bullish Case for Bitcoin: 🔈Listen to ’s podcast 📖Read ’s The Bitcoin Standard: 💸Dollar cost average using 🕰Hold for 5+ years
Delighted to announce that will no longer be accepting your government's shitcoins as payment. Bitcoin only from now on!
Completed the Austrian Economics Course by Prof. Saifedean Ammous. Basically rendered most of what I learned at school and heard from friends at legacy universities useless. #bitcoin
#Bitcoin rabbit hole leads to a profound learning from the latest course on from - Principles of Economics II: "Understanding time preference can alter the way you make decisions about life."
“The best compliment I can give you is that I read your book and then I bought $425M worth of #Bitcoin . It shattered my illusions about money.” Fascinating seminar with and
ECO11 is still available for purchase on . Buying it allows you access to more than 20 hours of video or audio lectures and discussion seminars, as well as detailed class notes:
book started this all for me. I still have so much to learn about Austrian Economics I cannot wait to dive into & take some courses from a real economist w/o going into more university debt 😊
Libs are always talking about "we" and "ours." In only 2 minutes, explains why this is the case. He's my Liberty Quote of the Month! #bitcoin Do yourself a favor and sign up for his course: 🚨👉
【News‼️】 Mr. Saifedean Ammous will be speaking at #BCJ2020 👏👏 MR. Saifedean is the Founder and CEO of ! 's HP📌
The second course on is ECO31: Hard questions on hard money. It focuses on the papers I have written since completing the Bitcoin Standard. It applies the book's frameworks and tools to understanding complex economic questions.
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【News‼️】 Mr. Saifedean Ammous will be speaking at #BCJ2020 👏👏 MR. Saifedean is the Founder and CEO of ! 's HP📌
【News‼️】 Mr. Saifedean Ammous will be speaking at #BCJ2020 👏👏 MR. Saifedean is the Founder and CEO of ! 's HP📌
الترجمة العربية لكتاب معيار البتكوين أصبحت متوفرة للببيع من وللتحميل المجاني من . خالص الشكر ل التي دعمت الترجمة، و الذي أشرف على الترجمة:
This month, I have completed five years of eating nothing but meat. I am writing up a guide to everything I know about how to defeat fiat foods by eating meat. It's about 5,000 words, and it will be out tomorrow on . Stay tuned!
Copyright & patent law is unjust and immoral, great discussion and arguments from and in the Principles of Economics II course on ! Check it out in order to deepen your #Bitcoin understanding!
's ability to teach in a clear & concise way is quality that is rare in PhDs. In university, I struggled learning from many. As a millennial who spent 80% of her 20s being taught by PhDs I would know. Loving ECO21 via
This weeks' seminar guest will be , the world expert on The Science of Coronahysteria. Seminar is on Thursday at 11am Eastern US time, open to anyone who bought courses or books from .
Just got book in Arabic for my parents. Super thankful to have that option. You can easily get it on
"People would be far better off just focusing on understanding the implications of a cash that is superior to both gold and central bank money." 3/3
Yesterday's weekly seminar was an absolute knowledge diamond. Full of refreshingly honest, valuable and useful information presented with immensely strong unapologetic frame. Enroll at academy if you are serious about your #Bitcoin holdings.
Harvard’s online fiat economics class: $49,653 per year ’s online Austrian economics class: $300 for a package of all courses Sign up for the latter and buy #Bitcoin with your savings
I read this 5 times and still don’t understand. The exception for housing is a doozy. Glad I enrolled at where economics actually makes sense.
And thank you for The Bitcoin Std and - 2019 was the year I discovered sound money and Austrian economics. Enlightening and eye opening!
This is great news because the business model of is heavily subsidized by governments banning actual economic education in their universities and replacing it with Keynesian soy.
Just signed up for 's ECO11 course "Principles of Economics I". I have been studying his ECO21 course as well. Get in on the goods at
This weeks' seminar guest will be , the world expert on The Science of Coronahysteria. Seminar is on Thursday at 11am Eastern US time, open to anyone who bought courses or books from .
Finished the first week of lectures & seminars on ! To give you an idea of what it's like, you can find the first lecture of ECO21 in audio & video, along with the syllabus & class notes, on . You can still register to join classes!
After setting up , I can confirm that a few hundred dollars a month in internet services can obviate the need for an entire university bureaucracy. Students & professors being able to interact directly makes administrative jobs in education obsolete
I'm looking to build a webforum for students signed up to . What are the best solutions to integrate it with my website smoothly? I'm happy to provide free access to my courses & papers to someone who would help me with the integration.
In twenty minutes I'll begin the first of my weekly seminars open to anyone who bought courses from . You should have received an email with the link you can use.
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Announcing my new website An online platform for: - Live online lectures & discussion seminars on the economics of bitcoin and the Austrian school - My bitcoin research - All translations of The Bitcoin Standard - My blog Enjoy & sign up to stay updated!
is how I imagine post-fiat education No govt funding No corporate sponsorship No degrees or credentials No claim to authority Income strictly only from learners taking courses & buying research Only by providing value to learners can I make any income
Having now tried it on , I think the most amazing technology built on bitcoin is . With a few clicks you are able to do what requires a ton of banking & credit card paperwork & fees to pull off with fiat. Thank you !
Imagine how much better the world would be if this essay from Mises was taught at universities instead of semi-literate Keynesian totalitarian inflationist nonsense. fixes this!
I am back to accepting credit cards at . Too many hodlers complained about spending coins & tax complications, and I finally sorted out 20th century payment technology issues I was having, so you can now go ahead dump your bad money on me.
weekly open seminar begins in 10 minutes. If you've signed up for any of my courses, you should have received an email with the information needed to join.
The forums on are up and running. All registered students should have received an email with registration instructions. Please email me if you didn't get yours!
Today's seminar, starting in 2 hours, will discuss the economics of Bitcoin's difficulty adjustment. The seminar is open to everyone who took one of my courses. Join us!
It's already widely understood universities don't teach; they sell credentials & a country club experience. Now the country clubs are shut down, students have to pay insane sums for increasingly irrelevant credentials. Meanwhile a course on costs $100
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seminar starting in half an hour, open to anyone who registered for any of my courses. Information to join is in the email you received when you signed up.
was down for the past few hours but should be back up now. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Looking for good Bitcoin New Year's Resolutions? Some suggestions: * Accumulate 6.15 BTC/Stop taking on debt * Take my course Programming Blockchain/Stop watching TV * Learn economics from /Stop reading the news * Read a Bitcoin book/Stop social media
This Thursday's seminar starts early at 9am US Eastern time. moderates a debate between and I on the question: Is bitcoin democratic?
This week on the Thursday seminar we will be joined by the Wizard of Numbers himself, ! If you signed up to any of my courses, you are welcome to join!
بعد أيام قليلة سيكون كتابي معيار البتكوين متوفراً للتحميل مجاناً من موقعي . كما وسيكون متوفراً للبيع بالنسخة الورقية من كل الشكر ل لدعمها لهذه الترجمة
Fixes This. "My Husband And I Thought Education Was A Way Out Of Poverty. Now We’re $718,000 In Debt."
Economic lessons much more expensive than Subsidizing solar because "it's free" and "sustainable" and "renewable" creates an expensive toxic waste problem, which then requires large subsidies to clean up.
It is govt subsidies & restrictions which make education expensive. In a market, knowledge is cheap to share & the internet makes it cheaper. A course at costs $100 & includes more personal interaction with the instructor than you'd get in a fiat uni.
weekly discussion seminar is today in under three hours, open to anyone who's purchased a course from my website. You can still sign up and join us to discuss bitcoin and Austrian economics!