Bloomberg advisers offered help mapping out a campaign for mayor of NYC next year. He's thinking about it ...
Right now is endorsing Biden for president on CNN Earlier this week, & I reported Chuck Schumer was privately floating Demings for VP ...
On Super Tues Eve: How the Dem establishment freaked out, froze up & failed for months to rally around a challenger for Bernie & me on a season of frustration & indecision, Biden fumbles & Bloomberg drama, that top Dems are racing to overcome👇
NEW: How Democrats got to this moment, with party officials racing to lift and stop before Super Tuesday The drama, anxiety and indecision. 3,000 words worth, come and get it w >
In a closed-door session in the Capitol with her leadership team, Nancy Pelosi’s irritation with Bernie Sanders was unmistakable, and she dismissed the “geniuses” on television who claim the party is shifting sharply to the left
“In an awkward exchange, Mr. Bloomberg said he was uncertain why Ms. Warren, a Massachusetts senator, was faring poorly in the race; when Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon suggested gender could be a factor, Mr. Bloomberg said he disagreed.”
Last week, Pelosi said Dem gospel was unity But in private, she vented about Sanders rhetoric and "geniuses" on TV saying Dems lurching left Plus: Pelosi's daughter contacted Sanders camp to complain about stoking a lefty challenge in SF
WORTH YOUR TIME: This ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ story is jam packed with newly reported details about the Democratic paralysis that could lead to an overwhelming night for ⁦
Waiting for results? Eager for exits? Bored of what-ya-hear-on-turnout? Here's something for ya to pass the time >
Bloomberg told a group of Dem governors "he would unite the party and win over progressives, suggesting he could heal wounds by being kind to his critics in public and sending flowers to their wives."
Bloomberg advisers continue to stoke Dem alarm about Sanders. At a private briefing in Charleston last week, a senior Bloomberg aide said Florida would be "off the map" with Bernie was nominee. And said Sanders had "cult-like" supporters.
Top-notch rigorous reporting on how the Dems ended up unable to stop Bernie Sanders on the eve of Super Tuesday. Hats off to
“But Mr. Sanders has become a formidable front-runner. [H]e has put forth a sweeping set of policy prescriptions to address defining concerns for many Democrats...His agenda has galvanized liberal voters yearning for change.”
Frozen in Anxiety: How Democratic Leaders Struggled to Confront Bernie Sanders
“Ms. Pelosi also invoked her own liberal credentials: In her basement, she noted, she still had old campaign signs supporting progressive causes.“