I wrote a blog post that details Saturday's finding of "cryptic transmission" of #SARSCoV2 in Washington State. Genomic evidence suggests that #COVID19 has been circulating here since Jan 15, but undetected due to lack of testing.
Due to mutations and mitigations, those rates will change over time. China, with extreme lock-down measures:
Our best guess at the scenario remains an initial introduction in mid-Jan via exposure of WA1 in Wuhan followed by transmission in Snohomish County as explained here: . 2/3
We have a good idea of infection rates in the biggest hot spot so far, Seattle, from genetic studies: "the Seattle area seeding event was ~Jan 15. We are currently estimating ~600 infections in Seattle..."
I have a lot of TPU resources at my disposal. Is there any way we can contribute these resources towards finding a vaccine or a cure for ncov? For example, we might be able to port some genetic sequencing algorithms to TPUs. shows that software can help.
Here's 's blog with helpful diagram showing possible transmission path.
Great to have the Internet Archive & the Wayback Machine. from , see highlighted :-(.
Great blog post by on estimating #COVID19 transmission and impact in the #Seattle area
Great #scicomm from the Bedford lab - on how to trace cryptic transmission via sequencing of the coronavirus genome #COVIDー19 #nCoV
We are certainly at a tipping point. See this interesting link to see Seattle experience and thought experiment for dissemination of disease. Looks like May could be peak for US. Fascinating read
. applies genomic epidemiology to track infectious disease using open source . He has a blog post up about the strain of COVID-19 in the Seattle area
Phenomenally interesting article on the spread of novel coronavirus, analyzed via genomic epidemiology -