How the brightest minds of academia have leveraged the latest, cutting edge technology to bring #openaccess to the world, from 1991 to now: #oa #openscience
The ultimate Open Access timeline
The ultimate #openaccess timeline by
The ultimate #OpenAccess timeline.
The ultimate #OpenAccess timeline vía #realtrue :-/
Great piece by The ultimate (and unembellished) #OpenAccess timeline
Publishers, 2020: "Yesss, my prrrrrecioussss"... This is quite funny/sad, dep'g on the vantage point: The ultimate Open Access timeline via
Funny... and scary... timeline of Open Access !
The Ultimate Open Access Timeline by . Brilliant! With the provisional finale: the EPC! #editorialprocessingcharge
Bjoern Brembs' ultimate timeline nails it perfectly: have fun reading this almost perfect summary of OA history. A bit more on the "Global South" is what is missing. Latin America has shown the right way so far.
The ultimate #OpenAccess timeline
HiTech and brilliant academics have developed an #openaccess experience out of this world, ahead of its time and breaking barriers every day since 1991: #oa #openscience
It took the smartest brains on the planet only 30 years and ~US$300 billion to finally deliver #openaccess to the world. More open than access, more cost-effective than free and with more technological pizzazz than than your best Commodore PCI: #oa
So... #OpenAccess how has it progressed....? courtesy of
AHHH: "The Ultimate Open Access Timetable" from I had forgotten about PRISM - 'Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine'. Talk about language appropriation, it was an anti OA lobby group. Still feeling effect
The Ultimate Open Access Timeline
That's one way of seeing it. From my perspective, APCs only exist because 30 years ago, people started to get fed up with the status quo in publishing and later others started to demand all research needed to be published without paywalls