Top 10 Coronavirus clusters in the US? Prisons, meat packing plants, a Navy battleship. Next 10? Prisons, meat packing plants, nursing homes. Next 10? And the 10 after that? Prisons, meat packing plants and nursing homes....
Total number of confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases at each Tuesday: Jan. 14 — 0 Jan. 21 — 1 Jan. 28 — 5 Feb. 4 — 11 Feb. 11 — 14 Feb. 18 — 25 Feb. 25 — 59 Mar. 3 — 125 Mar. 10 — 1,004
Total confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases at end of each Tuesday: • Jan. 14 — 0 • Jan. 21 — 1 • Jan. 28 — 5 • Feb. 4 — 11 • Feb. 11 — 14 • Feb. 18 — 25 • Feb. 25 — 59 • Mar. 3 — 125 • Mar. 10 — 1,004 • Mar. 17 — 5,902 • Mar. 24 — 53,478
As #coronavirus testing moves to the states, the CDC is no longer publishing this data--but the NY Times tracked it down. None in Ohio yet but we just received testing kits yesterday.
Now 500+ cases in U.S. WA- 141 (18 dead) NY- 106 CA- 104 (1) MA- 28 TX- 22 NE- 14 OR- 13 FL- 12 (2) CO- 8 IL- 7 GA- 7 NJ- 6 SC- 6 AZ- 5 MD- 5 NH- 4 PA- 4 RI- 3 TN- 3 NV- 3 UT- 2 NC- 2 IN- 2 VA- 2 WI- 1 MN- 1 KY- 1 OK- 1 HI- 1 KS- 1 DC- 1 MO- 1 VT- 1 CT- 1
Eight of the top ten clusters of cases are American prisons or jails. They are the epicenter of the pandemic.
More than 4,000 (!) new cases in the U.S. today. Total tally at end of each Thursday: • Jan 16 — 0 • Jan 23 — 1 • Jan 30 — 6 • Feb 6 — 12 • Feb 13 — 15 • Feb 20 — 27 • Feb 27 — 60 • Mar 5 — 227 • Mar 12 — 1,667 • Mar 19 — 12,326
2,000+ new cases today. Total U.S. coronavirus tally at the end of each Wednesday: • Jan 15 — 0 • Jan 22 — 1 • Jan 29 — 5 • Feb 5 — 12 • Feb 12 — 14 • Feb 19 — 25 • Feb 26 — 60 • Mar 4 — 160 • Mar 11 — 1,262 • Mar 18 — 8,264
NEW: Coronavirus deaths in the United States have now surpassed 100,000. Deaths by date they were reported: Feb 27: 0 Mar 27: 1,572 Apr 27: 50,787 May 27: 100,046
New York City has now reported 1 coronavirus death for every 1,000 people living there. What a horrifying milestone. Still hard for me to wrap my head around.
Look at New York State on this map. NY is America's Lombardy.
The total count of confirmed U.S. coronavirus at the end of each Friday: • Jan. 17 — 0 • Jan. 24 — 2 • Jan. 31 — 7 • Feb. 7 — 12 • Feb. 14 — 15 • Feb. 21 — 30 • Feb. 28 — 65 • Mar. 6 — 309 • Mar. 13 — 2,170
In the United States, at least 425 people have been treated for coronavirus in 32 states and Washington, D.C., and at least 19 patients with the virus have died. We’re updating our maps pages as we get new reports. Here’s our US page
For the New York Times just listed the five best websites on the pandemic and our work on is among them. These are his 5:
Breaking News: More than 1,000 people in the U.S. have now tested positive for coronavirus. With maps and charts, we're tracking every case in the country.
Total U.S. coronavirus tally at the end of each Friday: • Jan 17 — 0 • Jan 24 — 2 • Jan 31 — 7 • Feb 7 — 12 • Feb 14 — 15 • Feb 21 — 30 • Feb 28 — 65 • Mar 6 — 310 • Mar 13 — 2,224 • Mar 20 — 17,962 • Mar 27 — 102,636
A comparison between last Friday night and tonight of the United States' confirmed coronavirus cases.
NEW: There are now more than 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States Two weeks ago, there were 125.
The day ends with more than 2,100 confirmed cases in 48 states and D.C. We'll continue to update throughout the night and over the weekend.
Our map has been updated with the latest U.S. cases: • 378 total confirmed • 70 new cases so far today • 28 states • 19 dead
🦠MIND BLOWING - 1 in 1000 New York City residents have died from #COVID19. Not just of 1000 infected, but 1 out of ever 1000 people living in NYC! Same for Nassau County, NY. This now almost on par with per capita deaths Lombardy 🇮🇹. #Covid19
The number of U.S. cases of coronavirus surged past 5,000 on Tuesday. We are tracking every case here.
The is tracking all of the coronavirus cases in the US. Two days ago there were 542, and tonight there are more than 1,000.
Coronavirus caseloads are rising in nine states, declining in 15 states and roughly about the same in the rest.
New York State now accounts for more than half of all confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. If it were its own country, it would rank only behind China, Italy, Spain, Iran and Germany
Two weeks ago, there were less than 1,000 U.S. coronavirus cases. As of Monday night, 40,000+ have tested positive in every state, D.C. and three territories — a sign of the virus’s spread and increased testing. Here's what we found tracking the virus.
Of the top 100 vectors of coronavirus: 57 are prisons/jails 21 are meatpacking plants 10 are nursing homes 5 are psychiatric hospitals 3 are development centers 2 are wind turbine plants 1 is an aircraft carrier 1 is a nuclear power plant
This fits with estimates of a rough 1 to 10 case to infection reporting rate and a currently reported 1875 cases. 10/13
As of today, NYC has had 145k confirmed cases reported (). Assuming seroprevalence of 21% gives 1.7M infections in a city population of 8.4M. Dividing 1.7M by 145k gives a reporting ratio of ~12X. 3/6
The number of #COVID19 cases in the US now >1,000 and more will be found as testing ramps up. My prediction is >20,000 by month’s end given Ro and slow response. Identification & Isolation of cases, contact tracing and healthcare prepardness critical.
I find it really hard to look at these graphs and argue "If we stay the lockdown course for another 2-4 months, we'll lick this thing." I need to hear a story about how we will do much BETTER somehow than we've been doing, to believe that we'll contain it.
Yesterday lied when he said he “stopped” the #coronavirus & “closed it down.” Reality: over 310 cases in 28 states with 17 deaths. CDC now recommends older Americans stay at home. Don’t listen to Trump. Listen to & your doctor.
The number of new coronavirus cases is still rising every day in many U.S. states, even as several are preparing to reopen. But in some, the outbreak is slowing — or in other words, their curves are flattening. See how your state compares here.
These 18 states have had recent growth in newly reported coronavirus cases.
The number of known coronavirus cases has surpassed 1,000.
There were more than 800 new coronavirus cases confirmed in the United States today, bringing the total to 4,427. A week ago, the total was 747.
3 days ago, the United States surpassed 1,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Now we've blown past 2,000.
Map: The number of known coronavirus cases in the U.S. continues to grow
7 out of 10 of the largest clusters of #covid19 cases in the U.S. are in jails and prisons, according to :
New York City is now counting more than 1 coronavirus death for every 500 people living there. If you think about a full crowd at Yankee Stadium, coronavirus has claimed about 108 of the fans. I'm still struggling to wrap my head around it.
Here are the counties with highest number of coronavirus cases per capita. The Sun Valley area of Idaho has the highest concentration outside of New York.
States with highest concentration of coronavirus deaths (deaths per 100,000 people) • New York (15) • Louisiana (7.9) • New Jersey (7.3) • Michigan (4.8) • Washington (3.8) • Connecticut (3.7) • Vermont (2.7) • Massachusetts (2.3) • Colorado (2)
The created a map of the US to visualize the geographic spread of #coronavirus with the latest #COVID19 case counts from , hospitals and state & local health agencies. Check it out
More than 200,000 people across all 50 states are known to be infected with the coronavirus. More than 4,000 people have died.
29 of the top 50 clusters of coronavirus cases are prisons/jails.
Next, new infections from within the USA. There are 1289 confirmed cases today () and so I estimate extremely roughly 6500 active infections in the US at this moment. 8/14
For those who have played the cooperative board game "Pandemic", it's sure starting to feel like the moment you realize you're going to lose the game. Wish we had a competent federal government at the helm, not one blocking basic testing.
There have been 143,000 cases of COVID in nursing home pts and staff, w/ 25,600 deaths. It’s terribly high proportion of all those who have lost their lives to COVID. We need continued and stronger focus on protecting pts and staff in nursing homes 10/x
In a list of outbreaks via (), other than nursing homes and prisons (and two ships), meatpacking plants are most frequent locus of outbreaks (7 out of top 30 outbreaks). The largest outbreak outside of a prison is in a *meatpacking* plant. Why? 2/
There have now been more than 1,000 cases of coronavirus identified in the United States. More than 30 people have died. The virus keeps spreading. We've tracked every case.
There are now 5,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. We've tracked every one.
These are the 17 States & territories where infection rates are rising; there are another 21 that are flat and 13 where they are falling.
More than 5,000 cases of the coronavirus have now been identified in the U.S. As the virus spreads and testing capacity increases, we're mapping every diagnosis
The coronavirus case map ends up being a fantastic illustration of America’s superstar, globally-connected cities
US case fatality rate as of this morning ~4% 22/545
My colleagues have been doing heroic work tracking every known case in the U.S. so you can keep tabs on what's going on near you. Bookmark this map
Disaggregating the data only makes it more clear that we're nowhere near having this thing beat.
#oncoalert #CCC19 Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count Updated Numbers for April 1st
Thankfully, state & local health officials don’t need to get their statements cleared by the Administration. Here is a tracker from that shows the growing spread of the coronavirus. There are now at least 250 cases in 23 states.
🚨BREAKING: the number of #coronavirus cases in the US surpasses 1,000 with 1,004 people in 37 states and #DC testing positive for #COVID19, plus 31 deaths. This is just beginning the acceleration phase of the #CoronavirusPandemic in the US.
Coronavirus cases by state: Wash. — 75 (13 dead) Calif. — 60 (1) N.Y. — 22 Texas — 14 Neb. — 13 Ill. — 5 Fla. — 4 Md. — 3 Ariz. — 2 Mass. — 2 Ore. — 2 R.I. — 2 N.H. — 2 Ga. — 2 N.J. — 2 Wis. — 1 Utah — 1 N.C. — 1 Tenn. — 1 Colo. — 1
We added another 500+ cases to our database on Saturday. As of early Sunday morning, at least 2,759 people in 49 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico have tested positive for coronavirus in the United States, and at least 59 patients have died.
At least 314 people with the Covid-19 illness have been treated in 28 states, and at least 17 patients with the virus have died. Melania Trump: We're building a Tennis Pavilion at the ! #BeBest #COVID19
The has now linked more than 10,300 coronavirus deaths to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the US. That's nearly a quarter of the deaths in the pandemic so far.
Montana has identified its first four coronavirus cases. That means every state except West Virginia now has a confirmed infection. A week ago, fewer than half of states had reported positive tests.
NEW: There have been now more than 1,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States.
The public health department in Arkansas, a state with 3 million residents, says it can’t release the counties where coronavirus patients are dying because of “privacy concerns." We're still doing our best to track every case.
Coronavirus hot spots continue to flare up around the U.S., even as the number of new cases are declining in some parts of the country. You can see where the latest ones are here.
The coronavirus has now been reported in all 50 states, and the U.S. death toll has crossed 100.
As of early Saturday morning, at least 2,170 people in 49 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico have tested positive for coronavirus. West Virginia was the only state yet to report a known case.
Map: Tracking every coronavirus case in the U.S.
Most (about 60%) of the U.S. coronavirus cases are in two states: California and Washington. And all nine of the known deaths so far are in Washington state. More details here:
The day begins with at least 1,663 confirmed coronavirus cases in 46 states and D.C. We are updating here with new cases as they appear.
My amazing colleague has been tirelessly tracking each coronavirus case in the U.S. Follow him, and the map
There have been more than 150 new coronavirus cases announced in the U.S. today — the 7th straight day with an increase.
Alaska is announcing its first confirmed coronavirus case right now, leaving just four states remaining without a confirmed case.
As of Wednesday evening, at least 8,017 people across every state, plus D.C. and three U.S. territories, have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a New York Times database, and at least 143 patients with the virus have died.
Two of the largest known groups of related coronavirus cases in the United States are a cluster connected to a community in New Rochelle, N.Y., and another at a nursing facility in Kirkland, Wash. Detailed charts and tables here:
The arrow points to the day the president's economic advisor told the country we had "contained" the virus, "pretty close to airtight." Now at 5,002 confirmed cases, up from 3,800 at about this time yesterday.
More than 2,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported today. The overall tally now exceeds 8,000.
More than 1,515,300 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 90,200 have died, according to a New York Times database.
Last Friday, there were about 300 confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases and 17 deaths. Now, at least 1,714 people across 47 states and Washington, D.C., have tested positive for the virus, and at least 41 patients have died.
As of Tuesday morning 17 Mar, the United States has reported: 🇺🇸 4,482 confirmed #COVID19 cases 🇺🇸 86 deaths 🇺🇸 Cases in 49 states + D.C. 🇺🇸 More than 50% of cases in 3 states: Washington, California, New York
There are now more than 85,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States, and our dataset is one of the most complete accountings of the outbreak as it rippled across the country.
NYT journalists have been tracking clusters of COVID-19 cases and deaths across the country, and Liberty Correctional in Bristol FL makes the top 50. (29 of the top 50 clusters are jails and prisons)
Prisons and jails, where social distancing is nearly impossible, continue to fuel coronavirus outbreaks across the U.S. An outbreak at a correctional facility in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, caused the number of cases to rise sharply in that county.
There have now been more than 530 cases of coronavirus identified in the United States, including more than 200 announced over the weekend. We're mapping every one of them
Tracking coronavirus cases in the United States.
If you're interested in the U.S. COVID-19 spread, this map is spectacular:
Washington State now has 42 confirmed coronavirus deaths. If the state was a country, it would rank as having the 7th-most deaths behind only China, Italy, Iran, Spain, France and South Korea.
Here's what we know about all U.S. cases of coronavirus
In 15 days, we've gone from 70 confirmed cases in the U.S. to 2,815.
just want to say how proud I am of — the 24hr handoff from Hong Kong -> London -> NY continues, verifying data directly from govs/official health depts everywhere we can. Global tracker here: U.S. tracker here:
There have now been more than 700 cases of coronavirus identified in the United States. In just the last hour or so, new cases have been announced in California, Colorado, D.C., Georgia and Virginia. We're mapping every one
For all the understandable focus on NYC, New Orleans & Seattle, Chicago is approaching 2k confirmed cases & the Detroit metro area is nearing 2,500. Miami/Broward around 1,200. The disease is marching.
I let myself do some wishful thinking that the coronavirus numbers from Tuesday were a sign of things maybe starting to level off. But yesterday's daily total brought another big jump.
The U.S. government has made it extraordinarily difficult to know where #COVID19 cases are. This map by , , , , , and is a public service
In 20 (of 43*) states and DC, the largest COVID outbreak is a jail or prison. *nothing reported for AK, HI, ID, MT, NH, UT or WY.
Bookmark this link: is tracking every coronavirus case in the country confirmed by officials. Updated all the time. Stay informed
More Americans continue to be diagnosed with coronavirus. The national case count has surpassed 1,200. And our map, which not long ago showed most states with zero cases, is now almost completely filled in.
Westchester County per capita COVID-19 infection rate is nearly double that of New York City New York City COVID-19 per capita death rate is nearly triple that of Westchester County
We've had at least 40,000 confirmed Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. in just a few months, with that tally growing by roughly 2,000 a day. The true count is probably much higher. That's more than the high watermark for flu deaths in a whole year.
As of this morning, shows 25 states/territories with increasing COVID-19 cases, 13 stable and 15 decreasing
65% of all coronavirus cases come from just four coastal states: NY, CA, WA, NJ. There are currently ~19,000 coronavirus cases in the other 46 states combined.
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times #COVID19
. There are at least 118 coronavirus cases in the United States. Here’s what we know about them
Breaking: All 50 states have reported coronavirus cases, and 100 people's deaths have been linked to the virus in the U.S. More than 5,500 people have tested positive for the illness.
Fifty states, D.C. and four U.S. territories all report data differently. Publicly available CDC data tracks cases only at the state level. We’re doing the best we can to apply consistent rules to the inconsistency and track cases by county in real time.
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,000: Full Map - The New York Times
Tracking Every Coronavirus Case in the U.S.: Full Map #COVID19
I visit this NYC piece every morning and I keep remembering Martin Brody from 'Jaws': "You're gonna need a bigger map"
Laboratories of democracy are great until the virus escapes from one lab to another
Someone should hand Trump the NYT pandemic map and ask him to draw what regions he think can "open up". You have to print it out on a plotter though, so he can see it.
The coronavirus toll in the United States: More than half a million known cases. More than 20,000 deaths.
TOTAL CASES 429,060 DEATHS 14,809 Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count By  Updated April 8, 2020, 10:50 P.M. E.T.
Graphic adjusted for population size. Deaths from COVID in New York 2 times >than Louisiana 3 times >than Washington 12 times >than Illinois 20 times >than California Similar case fatality rate. NY healthcare workers doing their best. Help them
Digging more deeply into some of the tables here. Of the 20 biggest corona virus clusters in the U.S., 65% are in correctional facilities & 30% are in meat and poultry processing plants. POC make up the majority of the populations of each.
Here's what we know about all U.S. cases of coronavirus
Stop vaguely reporting that there is "mounting pressure" to reopen states when that really just means one particular idiot and when the new case charts look like this
Great new #DataViz on the speed of transmission of #COVID19 today on site:
U.S. coronavirus cases have now passed 5,000, according to this New York Times tracker.
#oncoalert #ccc19 Coronavirus in US: Latest Map and Case Count Death toll has quadrupled over week: Across country, numbers rising quickly as containment faltes & virus spreads
3 excellent resources to follow #COVID19 updates: - [email protected] - Please share, add your favorite resource, and Retweet!
The list of states where conditions are not getting better - or worse - is very long. Source:
Third, HHS provides essentially no info about why certain states will get the drug and not others. They just say it will go to “areas… hardest hit.” Yet why are CA, PA, FL, TX (in the top 10 case #s) not on the list? Or per capita, why not DC or LA? 6/8
Here's the latest data. Extrapolate away, realizing that loosening restrictions steepens these curves. A few important states have decreasing caseloads. Many others are flat or rising. There, more rapid transmission could cause tens of thousands to die.
"The areas around Cleveland, St. Louis, & Kansas City, Mo., have also seen fast spikes, leading officials to warn that medical facilities could be overwhelmed"
If you live in a hot zone like NY/CT/NJ, stay home If you live someplace liike Montana and you want to keep it safe, stay home Coronavirus Map: U.S. Cases Surpass 10,000
I check this page every day to see confirmed cases. The ramp is part of testing, not just spread. 3/15 3453 3/16 4312 3/17 5303 3/18 8017 3/19 10201
This is literally the first thing I check after waking up
#oncoalert Tracking Every Coronavirus Case in the U.S.: Full Map Coronavirus cases in US continues to grow rapidly. By Sunday PM, 450 have been treated for COVID19 in 33 states+DC & 19 have died
I'm not an #epidemiologist or #statastician but if I read the graphic of US #Covid19 cases correctly, we don't seem to be quite done with this thing. Have I got that about right? So what can we expect after all the 3-day weekend gatherings and outings?
The arrow is the day Trump boasted about how there were only 15 total cases of coronavirus in the US, how there would soon be zero, and compared it to the flu.
Greetings from the American epicenter of #COVID19 . Mr. President, if you want bang-for-the-buck to stop this #coronavirus in the USA this map shows you where to direct your resources.
That moment when you wonder if some Trump supporters are gonna use a map like this to suggest that geographically most of the country remains coronavirus-free.
Of the largest 25 clusters of Covid-19, 16 are correctional facilities, 8 are meatpacking plants, and 1 is a naval ship.
Here's another way to show it. US case total (left, per JHU): 76.5k US daily count (per NYT): 14k and rising When China hit 76.5k (red circle on right), they were averaging only a few 100 a day and had been declining for weeks.
1,015 people in 38 states and Washington, D.C., have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a New York Times database, and at least 31 patients with the virus have died.
10 days ago Italy had 1701 cases . Today their health system is overwhelmed and all stores are closed except for pharmacies and food stores. We have 1240 cases .
Happy to see that this #COVID19 dataviz includes a map AND an epicurve. Though maps have been popular during this outbreak, epicurves are important because they can intuitively tell us whether reporting of new cases is speeding up or slowing down:
The current national average of covid deaths per 100,000 population is 10.6. But--so far--the *range* is staggering. Here are the rates in New York City and 30 big-city counties. NYC and its suburbs' rates are 10X to 80X those in most other urban places.
Top 20 biggest #coronavirus clusters in U.S. during this #COVID19 pandemic 12 prisons 5 meat processing facilities 1 nursing home 1 psychiatric hospital 1 aircraft carrier
Why isn't the keeping up-to-date numbers on coronavirus cases? They list far fewer than NYT and Johns Hopkins
Cook County jail now the single most common source of infection in the U.S. LET PEOPLE OUT. There and everywhere.
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,400: Full Map - The New York Times ⁦
This does not look good at all - we need to all get upset and pushy with our leaders and demand a stronger, more uniform response. Let’s get it done Twitter!
Coronavirus Map: U.S. Cases Surpass 10,000 - The New York Times
Mapping the geographic spread of #COVID19 for US vs China by US: Currently 26 states w/ >1000 cases China: Only 1 province (Hubei) w > 1,000 cases
But it is important to know that for the majority of US cases, it is unlnown how the person caught the virus so these cases are likely to be “community transmission” - person to person speed within the US
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - A nightmarish fulfilling prophecy
The number of new U.S. coronavirus cases has declined in recent days.
I've been waiting for this to update, but sadly it's bad news
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count from More than half (50.6%) of COVID deaths to date are in only three US states: NY (32.7%), NJ (11.5%) and MA (6.33%).
Tracking and mapping every #coronavirus case in the U.S.: To date, 215 cases in 20 states, and counting via #COVID19
Going viral: There are now at least 378 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 across 28 US states. At least 19 with the virus have died in the US.
Coronavirus Map: U.S. Cases Surpass 10,000
The coronavirus has now been reported in all 50 states, and the U.S. death toll has crossed 100. via
U.S. Coronavirus Map: Cases Now Reported in All 50 States - The New York Times
New #coronavirus #COVID19 cases announced each day in the US as per ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ Full Map - The New York Times
Every state now has a case of COVID-19 except WV. I wonder how much of this is due to lack of tests. Still no cases here in SW VA, but also probably very few tests. Regardless, I'm staying home.
Good points here by and . One simple starting point is MD, MA, and OH have more cases than many other states - all in top 20 - and may be moving faster as a result.
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times
1302 **reported** #COVID19 cases dispersed across 44 states and US Administration is still mostly preoccupied with #coronavirus threat from abroad
#oncoalert U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,000: Full Map As of Wednesday, 1,255 in 43 states and DC have tested + for coronavirus, and at least 37 pts have died
Trump says he's thinking about ending domestic flights that run through "hot spots." Same with rail travel. Per the coronavirus map, almost all the country's biggest cities are currently hot spots or burgeoning hot spots.
This is really great. Thank you
Coronavirus surpasses 1,000 *known* cases in U.S.
Tracking Every Coronavirus Case in the U.S.: Full Map - The New York Times ⁦⁩ ‘As of Monday afternoon, at least 586 people in 36 states & Washington, D.C. have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a New York Times database’.
New #COVID19 cases & deaths (hopefully) plateauing in the US
The US, as of Apr 24, had ~33,000 new daily cases as per Over last 2 wks, US has had a baseline of ~30,000 new cases daily, rising above and below that baseline day to day. 2/x
Really useful resource from from the Tracking Every #Coronavirus Case in the U.S. Full Map Based on confirmed cases, mortality rate is at 5.5% in the US
Fascinating map from - the drop-off in the NYC metro cases is being matched by an increase in #COVIDー19 cases elsewhere. Something to consider when making personal mobility decisions!
At is disconcerting to see California on the way up at the same time people seem to be becoming less careful. The people I know who are most familiar with the science are taking the least risk: staying at home, not going out, ordering food delivered.
These two sources look at the same data, both group US states into three levels of problem, but disagree greatly on how many are at the worse level:
For USA-specific data on #COVID19, I found the website to be the most informative and up-to-date data. As of today afternoon, US & info at
The bar chart on new confirmed cases is the best way I know to track the epidemic in the US. I check it daily. The news is not good. #thankyouNYT
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count
Latest map of #coronavirus #COVID
We passed 2,000 *total* confirmed cases on Saturday. There were 2,500 *new* confirmed cases yesterday.
Latest US cases status #COVID19
The covid geography ranges so dramatically blue vs red. Death rates per 100K people are ≥16 in 6 states—4 blue (NY NJ CT MA), 1 purple (MI), 1 red (LA) Of 13 least affected states, rates of ≤1 deaths per 100K, 11 are red. NYC: 80-120 deaths per 100K.
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - ⁦
We'll hit 100K U.S. cases Friday night or Saturday.
These 23 states report 1,313 tests conducted, of which 176 were positive, 954 were negative, and 183 are still pending. reports 99 cases. reports 209 cases. reports 163 cases.
The Grand Princess cruise line is only the 148th largest cluster in the US now. So many of these would have been huge national news stories on their own, if there weren't hundreds of them >> Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count
#Coronavirus in the USA Map and Case Count - More then 10.300 people have died thus far in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities That means nearly a quarter of the deaths in the pandemic have been linked to long-term care facilities.
These 51 states have reported on 3,201 tests: 417 positive, 2,437 negative, and 347 pending. reports 484 cases reports 484 cases reports 473 cases reports 164 cases
#CCC19 Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count >44,000 with coronavirus have died in US, figure that is increasing by >2,000/day
Tragic Milestone: US Deaths from #COVID19 now exceed 100,000.
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count
Where are the COVID-19 clusters? Prisons, meatpacking plants, and nursing homes. And the occasional ship.
These 51 states have reported on 2,806 tests: 341 positive, 1,863 negative, and 602 pending. reports 401 cases reports 401 cases reports 378 cases reports 164 cases
Anyone know if is providing access to this database to researchers?
So sorry, Clement. Am covering coronavirus for NYT. You are (literally) on our map. Sent you a DM. Fingers crossed for your recovery.
This is another good interactive map of coronavirus spread that is updated regularly. It’s alarming especially if you started looking at it when it was just on the west coast. It’s moving fast.
The top five per capita county COVID-19 rates are all in rural locations, associated with correctional facilities or meat processing plants. Indeed, 8 of top 10 per capita rates are in this grouping.
How to get a plateau of ~30,000 new cases/d and ~2,000 deaths. The optimism for a descent was based on not replicating New York. But spread throughout the country, w/ 20 states +DC on the rise, more than compensates And that's before reopening
State by state: Where new cases are increasing, staying the same, and decreasing
These 45 states have reported on 2,298 tests: 223 positive, 1,617 negative, and 458 pending. reports 267 cases reports 260 cases reports 250 cases reports 164 cases
Thanks, I should. The country data is posted once a day here: . NYT should make their file available - mine is idiosyncratic because it depends what time of day I copy it from their page ()
Tracking Every Coronavirus Case in the U.S.: Full Map
U.S. Coronavirus Map: Cases Surpass 5,000 - The New York Times; good up to date information on cases and deaths by state and new cases over time.
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,000: Full Map - The New York Times
Where are the #COVID_19 cases?
This morning's update on #Coronavirus numbers (of those tested) in the US care of . Still spreading quickly
Current state #COVID19 Over 140,000 cases with over 2400 deaths.
U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 1,000: Full map of the US from
U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,300: Full Map
You can follow #COVID19 cases here via
Latest update in term of number of cases & deaths #COVID19Pandemic via
The president has failed to adequately deal with this in any meaningful way. We need an actual, national public health strategy based on what experts have said we need. It’s time for mayors, governors and business leaders to step in nationally and lead.
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count via ⁦
Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count