What a joke. Imagine running a business like this -- making a decision to publish a book and then reversing it because some of your staff throw a tantrum.
Breaking: Hachette Book Group dropped its plans to publish Woody Allen's memoir a day after employees staged a walkout
Chased by a mob, publisher spikes Woody Allen's memoir. Allen was accused of a heinous act by one child, fiercely defended by another. From a distance no one can be confident of the truth. We are left with censorship by default.
Hachette cancels plans to publish Woody Allen’s memoir, after protests by ⁦⁩ and a walkout by Hachette staff
The best book by a #Hachette group company is, of course, my co-authored book, "People of the Book: how Jews, Christians & Muslims understand their sacred scriptures" (JKP 2019). Available on Amazon Smile &c ;)
Hachette Says It Won't Publish Woody Allen's Book - The New York Times by via