What is ancestry? and I discuss the difference between genealogical ancestry, genetic ancestry, and genetic similarity in a opinion column:
Ancestry is frequently discussed and important to many people, but perhaps not always clearly understood. It is interesting to think carefully about how genomes can and cannot tell us about it. I enjoyed working with on this
Family trees are not trees: Really important paper on separating genealogical ancestry from genetic ancestry, by and .
I showed a modified version of this figure (Mathieson and Scally, 2020) during my defense yesterday and it turned out to be rather provocative, which IMO is a good thing for a figure to be.
Great article by & in that explains the difference between genealogical #ancestry, genetic ancestry & genetic similarity. A must-read for #archivists, #genealogists & anyone interested in the past: #archives
"[M]ost statements about ancestry are really statements about genetic similarity, which has a complex relationship with ancestry, and can only be related to it by making assumptions about human demography whose validity is uncertain and difficult to test."
Great short read on the meaning (or not) of genealogical and genetic ancestry for individuals and groups by and
"...the difference between genealogical and genetic ancestry can be summed up by the observation that full siblings have identical genealogical ancestry but differ in their genetic ancestry"
*cough* This one is pretty vague in my book...