Wartime language is counterproductive & evokes rationing & panic! Read this ➡️ from . instead - it’s infinitely more sensible & reassuring than #Bozo #Boris #Spaffing #Johnson who just tells lies at the drop of a hat! #PathologicalLiar
"The one who talks like yer favourite uncle; sense, experience, truth, with warmth and believability... the , Chris Whitty. Peerless." So says . I agree.
never mind buying blog-rolls, Corona-salvation is in our own hands, go and wash them... just do it!
We are starting from the position; there is no headroom, we are choc-a-bloc, there are significant rota-gaps and a worrying dependancy on bank and agency staff; if you're going to have a crisis, you wouldn’t start from here.
If we wash our hands, take sensible precautions and look-out for each other, we are as ready as we can be and together, we will come through this.'
National crisis... it's worth remembering there is no such thing... All 'national-crises' are local and personal for the people involved.
The plan; to kick the Corona-can down the road, in the hope that better weather produces Coronacide. It's brave, hopeful and optimistic. Fingers crossed?
The national-plan, to self-isolate is fine, if you are prepared and can use the time to paint the bedroom. If you're not, it's about who's going to walk the dog, get your med's. People will need support
BoJo talking of 'beating' and a 'battle' with Corona is bonkers. Evoking the sprit of war says, rationing, shortages, stockpiling and panic. Everything we don't want.
it is important that retired, volunteers and others, with clinical expertise, are recruited, to back-fill for 'normal' patients, whilst regular staff work at the high-end of their registration for Coronavirus patients.
Last December the NHS had 4,048 adult critical care beds available and 3,048 occupied. There are efforts to open more, but you can do the maths... and they must be staffed by experts. Maximum , one nurse for two patients.
Bluntly, this means we will need beds with special kit, staff who are specially trained and patients will occupy beds, for no short period. It is easy to see how the NHS could become overwhelmed...
National plans only exist in the minds of national planners. Everything is local, everything is personal. Everything is; 'what happens to me and mine'.