Our #coronavirus #infographic data pack gathers the best charts in one place & adds some of our own. More:
Let the data speak. What are the riskiest activities to engage in during the #COVID19 pandemic? Sadly my beloved gym is pretty risky. Maybe gyms with compulsory masks are safer? More charts in the COVID-19 infographic datapack by :
Its amazing that successful actions lead people to question whether those actions were ever necessary in the first place...
Beautiful, informative, easy-to-interpret graphs about COVID-19. Important caveat: graphs are only as good as the data used to make them, and we know that we're missing far too much data--insufficient testing means our numbers are off.
I searched for sites with the best Covid-19 graphs. Here are 3: - Information is beautiful (most readable): - Coronavirusgraphs (regenerate them at will): - 3blue1brown (great talk on exponential growth):
The USA has 5% of the world's population, but ~30% of Covid-19 infections and deaths.
Excellent infographics on COVID-19 #CoronaVirus by Information is Beautiful
One day all data will be this well presented - anyone who loves information & insight - check it out!
The best infographic I've seen to date, that summarizes the statistics for #COVID19: -% who die by age -case fatality rate by country -how it compares to other things etc.
#COVID19 #CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack — Information
Here's a nice graphic of COVID19 transmission risks by activity/setting (from the Information is Beautiful website):
Coronavirus infographic datapack: properly sourced, easy to digest information about the #coronavirus. Spread facts not fear. Source:
Coronavirus data represented in beautiful images from Information is Beautiful
More charts from #coronavirus infographic data pack, gathering the best scientifically-sourced charts in one place & adding some of our own.
Excellent visualizations, with clickable extra detail. Recommended.
.: #COVID19 #CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack — Information #GPHO
.⁦⁩ Excellent resource for patients and loved ones. Information is beautiful! COVID-19 #CoronaVirus Infographic Datapack — Information is Beautiful
Great visualization of all the #covid19 data
Nice visualization on which activities might be riskier than others when it comes to #COVID19, by : Big plus: data available here
Nearing almost 9 average incubation periods post-lockdown in California: Yet we are still locked down. I support voluntary measures. I do not support the draconian sh*t that's going on. Kudos to for having balls to go against the madness.
A whole packet of #COVID19 infographics from and , (with, in the story, thoughts about the ethical implications of design choices)
Information really can be beautiful (even if it displays tragedy)
Excellent.#COVID19 infographics
Some nice looking covid 19 data visualizations