This article is...really something. When —Bernie’s closest ally—reached out a MONTH ago to start discussions about aligning, his campaign ignored hers. But when Bernie’s campaign wanted him to go hard on Biden, he refused—because he “likes Joe.”
"About a month ago, when it was clear that Warren had little chance to win, one such person said they put out feelers to Sanders’ operation in an attempt to start a running conversation. They showed little interest, the person said, in reciprocating."
"[S]enior aides had been pushing Sanders for months to go harder on Biden. The problem: Sanders actually liked him.... [Biden] falls into an exclusive category for the Vermont senator: the people who were nice to Sanders before he mattered."
really terrific piece by on what's been going on inside the Sanders campaign as it's become increasingly clear he's about to lose the nomination to Joe Biden
So, so many new details in this piece on this past week of Bernie's campaign, including that he really likes Biden, and has been resistant to attack him. David Sirota sent an email to Sanders recently imploring Sanders to go hard after Biden
'The problem: Sanders actually [likes Biden]... Back in January, it was the candidate’s decision to personally apologize to Biden after one of his surrogates, Zephyr Teachout, wrote an op-ed about Biden’s “corruption problem.”'
Kudos to for this riveting inside look within the Sanders campaign as they face the end of the road
Huh. “The former vice president falls into an exclusive category for the Vermont senator: the people who were nice to Sanders before he mattered, as two aides put it recently.”
This anecdote lines up with what I have heard and seen of the Sanders campaign all of last year re: political and media relations.
. has the details of the argument inside Sanders' camp, and his reluctance to attack Biden
Allegedly, Sanders chose not to attack Biden as hard as he could have because he likes him personally...
“He was never able to expand his coalition,” said Mark 'Longabaugh, a top adviser who split with the campaign early last year over strategic disagreements with [Sanders]. “He just didn’t succeed at it.”' via
"It was Joe Biden who was turning nonvoters into new voters. Everyone knew who Bernie Sanders was. The other guy was just getting more votes — and how could he explain that?"