I asked , who handled one hurricane after another as Fla governor and got bipartisan praise for it, what Trump should be doing now. Here was his answer, which was something of a lapel-grab at Trump:
NEW: Trump was planning a bumper sticker re-election: like me or not, the economy is roaring - and the alternative is worse But now the economy has been staggered & the alternative isn’t socialism With on what could be a fateful March >
"I think it’s a totally different story": Trump hoped to run a campaign based on a surging stock market and a socialist opponent. But with the rise of coronavirus and the fall of Sanders, the fall is looking tougher. ⁦⁩ ⁦
“Biden’s success in the suburbs makes him an acceptable alternative to Trump,” said Scott Reed, the top political adviser for the United States Chamber of Commerce. “His turnout in the suburbs threatens the Republican Senate.”
This was 2 months ago but it feels like 20. ⁩, who has largely remained quiet in Trump era, clearly knew crisis loomed and sent a msg to Trump via ⁦⁩ “shut down partisan politics & campaigning” he said. “trust the experts”
“If it’s Biden, you’ll have disaffected Republicans run to the polls to vote for Biden because they’re just looking for normal and sane.”
Old enough to remember when Trump’s pitch was — you’re 401k is doing so well you have no choice but to vote for me.
An entirely new and perilous political landscape for Trump, one that close advisers concede he had seemed unwilling or unable to accept until Wednesday.
Trump’s Re-election Chances Suddenly Look Shakier
The two assumptions the president has been counting on for his re-election - an opponent he could paint as unelectable and a strong economy - are being seriously tested right now. and me
“Mr. Biden, by contrast, has had his entire political life defined by his personal tragedies— including the death of his wife and daughter decades ago, and then his eldest son, Beau, more recently— and his efforts to rise from them and encourage others to”
“The campaign only conducts polling every few months, and the surveys are massive multi-state tests. When Trump went over results with some advisers yesterday of the latest polls, some of the data was already out of date.”
Kevin DeWine, former Ohio GOP chair, warns the electoral map could look different than people think after this stretch: “Ohio, a traditional presidential battleground that has been trending Republican, would be in play again.”
“In interviews, a half-dozen Republicans close to the president’s campaign said that his re-election effort had become a political battleship, slow and creaky to turn, unlike the nimble race Mr. Trump ran in 2016.”
Trump’s Re-election Chances Suddenly Look Shakier - The New York Times
"A leader needs to be transparent, clear, empathetic, serious, and all-in. A leader needs to communicate consistently and regularly. A leader needs to show his or her heart. A leader needs to shut down partisan politics, and trust the experts."
"Aides have sent mixed signals about how they plan to approach Mr. Biden, with some wanting to portray him as a 2020 version of Hillary Clinton, and others wanting to try to define him as interchangeable with Mr. Sanders..."
“Mr. Trump’s team of actual political strategists is small, despite the large staff employed by his campaign, and his campaign manager only recently relocated to Washington, where the headquarters is based.”