NEW: Tim Hortons workers need doctor’s notes to take unpaid sick leave during the coronavirus pandemic #canlab #cdnpoli
1. The #socialist in me says: It was bad enough when clawed back paid breaks in response to #Ontario raising #MinimumWage But to be FIRED for being sick more than 5 days in a year? WITH a #doctor’s note? Makes me want to #BoycottTimHortons
Doctors are critical of employers demanding doctor’s notes to prove their employees are really sick, noting it’s a waste of time and public resources. The Canadian Medical Association () has called it an “unnecessary public health risk.” #canlab
This is outrageous and provincial and federal govts need to take immediate action so bad employers can't get away with this #canlab #cdnpoli
Gross. "Tim Hortons Workers Need Doctor’s Notes To Take Unpaid Sick Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic" #BoycottTims