The “Jewish case for Trump” is pretty straightforward. There has never been a more emphatically pro-Israel president since Israel was founded, and there has not been a more philo-Semitic president in at least a century and a half. My debut at .
The Jewish case for President Trump
In some non-coronavirus news … I’m delighted to take part in a candidate symposium and make the “Jewish case for President .”
Bernie mollycoddles and praises vile Jew-haters. And it was Biden’s threat nearly four decades ago that led Menachem Begin to issue his most famous words: “I am not a Jew with trembling knees.” It would be a true shame to replace Trump with either one.
. writes on how is "the most emphatically pro-#Israel U.S. president since the Jewish state’s founding in 1948" and that "it would be a shande to replace the rock-ribbed pro-Jewish, pro-Israel Trump" with either Sanders or Biden.
My brother is a good Jew, a good writer, a good friend, and a good man. Go read him.
Opinion | President Trump is pro-Israel, pro-Jewish and pro-religious liberty, argues a Jewish lawyer.
What’s remarkable is that this piece I wrote in March was *before* the UAE and Bahrain deals. It probably needs updating.
Related (and if I were to write this now, nearly six months later, there would be a lot more to add, as well…).
This piece of mine should probably be updated, in light of today’s historical events. Most pro-Israel president ever and it is not even a remotely close call.
My column on this from this past March—well before the Abraham Accords were even signed.
My own take on this, from way back in March, pre-Abraham Accords.