NEW - from COVID-19 team The United States has now tested more than 100,000 people for the coronavirus and discovered 12,000+ cases. But just a few states dominate those sums. How is your state doing on testing? Explore in our live tracker
This case-tracker interactive is extremely useful because it does something that other coronavirus trackers don't. It tells you how reliable your state's data is in the first place.
NEW: from the best dev team in news and ⁦⁩, a live updating tracker on how #covid testing is going for your state. Each state, DC, and PR has their own data confidence grade to help you monitor transparency
I find it mindblowing that the best tally we have of testing still comes from this collaboration that includes and many volunteers, not the government. But here, they make this vital public resource more readily available
Want to know how many people have coronavirus in your state? Here's how to find out