Here's a comprehensive food safety guide for coronavirus, based on all the existing research I could find. Special thanks to for consulting and vetting much of the science and recommentations.
I've updated my coronavirus food safety guide based on current info. Now includes info on mask usage, bags at the grocery store, and updated sections on transmission methods. Lots of thanks to for vetting.
For all of the science, presented in impeccably clear prose, of course we must turn to . This is a 💯public service
Read the whole thing but basically you can safely order takeaway from your local restaurants
I don’t worry too much. Wash hands after putting everything away but not much else. This article was pretty reassuring
Thanks for this exhaustive breakdown and analysis of cooking in vs. takeout and the issues around COVID-19 and food. Super fascinating and it's comprehensiveness is a mood enhancer frankly.
here's an exhaustive guide on food safety and Covid-19 by that might be of interest.
This is the most comprehensive piece I've yet seen anywhere on COVID-19 and food safety. Not surprisingly, it's from (w/ special guest ).
This article helped me become pretty comfortable with takeout (we order about once a week, sometimes slightly less frequently): It’s a bit of a hassle to transfer everything out of the containers it came in, but kind of worth it.
Here’s a *extremely* useful coronavirus food safety guide from .
Here is your 1-stop Coronavirus all things food safety link
This is a better guide IMO and gives those specifics
This is a long post from one of my favorite science-chef-writers, with lots of useful details about food safety in the time of #COVID_19
there is almost no evidence of food being a significant coronavirus vector anywhere
Do you want to support a local eatery but are unsure if it is safe? Interesting read
This looks like a well sourced, practically useful guide. (Plz DYOR, author is a restaurant chef so potentially biased.) HT
I had a lot of questions about the safety of getting takeout during the COVID pandemic. This blog post answered a lot of the questions I had. TL,DR: It's mostly safe with basic common sense precautions.
Finally, a well-researched article on coronavirus food safety: -No evidence (yet) it spreads by food or packaging -Still smart to wipe/wash groceries -& reheat deliveries to 160*f+
have been debating the safety of ordering in / dealing with any kind of deliveries... current strategy is large grocery runs, then lots of cooking at home - this article is useful to explain more of the risk factors
Useful article on food safety and COVID-19
Attn: updated version
Can you order takeout? How long does the virus last on food? Food safety guide for #COVID19 #shelterinplace. This is really really useful!
good info on restaurant and grocery food with references
Good news: apparently, takeout is mostly ok in this time of #coronavirus (bonus: helpful grocery store tips) :)
3/ Here is a good Q&A, well referenced, in plain english about food/ingestion contagion
Something to make you feel better about eating out during the pandemic... risk of transmission via food (even containers) is likely very low
Food Safety and #coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide via
this is the most comprehensive article I've seen answering (practical / everyday) food questions about #covi19 >> Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide | Serious Eats (let me know if you see any responses / critiques)
So far food seems rather safe - I found this useful
I've had a lot of conversations in the past few days about food safety, ordering take-out, grocery shopping, and #COVID19. This article is super helpful