Bigger things going on right now but this piercing autopsy on the race reflects what often happens at the end of unsuccessful campaigns: A lot of folks madly spinning why if they had only been listened to, it all would have worked out.
What's amazing about "How it all came apart for " is it pretends there wasn't an unprecedented, 48-hour operation led by the former president to clear the field for ...w/ the media serving as a cheerleading Super Pac
“Ms. Turner and Mr. Sirota — regularly pleaded with Mr. Sanders to attack the former vice president. But Mr. Sanders resisted...Mr. Sanders could not be persuaded to do so: He and Jane liked the Bidens personally, and their word was final.”
New: A divided inner circle. A fateful misread of S.C. and Super Tuesday. A candidate who would not broaden his message or reach out beyond his powerful faction. Bernie Sanders had the nomination within his grasp – & me on how it slipped away 👇
We have a virus to deal with & more important issues. But for a campaign that was seen as too divisive by Democratic voters, which led them to look for alternatives, that the rationale for defeat is that it wasn't negative enough.That's not serious
Leaders were "adamant that Sanders’s path to the nomination ran principally through Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, and the California primary on Super Tuesday." That is, in essence, an attempt to win the Dem primary w/o the majority black states
Bernie Sanders was on the brink of a commanding lead in the Democratic race. But a series of fateful missteps has left him all but vanquished.
Some interesting Warren nuggets in this fantastic Sanders deep-dive from . “As Ms. Warren relentlessly courted Ms. Ocasio-Cortez last fall, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s advisers had to prod Mr. Sanders’s aides into having him call her...”
Some in Bernie’s camp had barely-masked contempt for one another For example, pollster grated on some of his colleagues How much ? Well, herein is his email to Bernie before SC noting that their polling only had him down 4 there 🗡
The Sanders team was divided over many important decisions, but most of all on how to handle Biden. One faction constantly pleaded with Sanders to go on offense. Others saw it as a futile exercise – Bernie & Jane liked the Bidens and their word was final.
There's a lot in here – I hope you'll spend some time with the story this weekend, even with so much else going on Sanders got so, so close. But even at the peak of his strength, there were deep flaws in his candidacy that helped his rivals overpower him.
The duality of Bernie is fascinating He insisted on attacking the Dem establishment, despite pleas from AOC & others But he wouldn’t scorch Biden, despite pleas from Sirota & others (after a “corrupt” jab, Sirota was banned from traveling w/the campaign)
A great inside look at the Bernie meltdown by and . But I think Sanders was always doomed by his inability to attract more than one-third of the Democratic vote. Once a gadfly, always a gadfly.
“EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND” Bit of an update here with more detail on the Cusack appeals to Sanders👇
“So confident was Mr. Sanders that he would vanquish Mr. Biden that he spent valuable days trying to force two other candidates out of the race by campaigning in Minnesota and Massachusetts, the home states of Ms. Klobuchar and Ms. Warren. He won neither”
The internal battle over whether and how to attack Biden tore at the Sanders campaign for months, as and I detailed in this story 👉 But Sanders himself was never really persuadable, & his top aides lost patience with efforts to force his hand.
The Sanders campaign's internal polling had him trailing Biden by only 4 points in South Carolina. His campaign trusted those numbers over a public poll that showed him behind by 20, calling it an "outlier." Biden won South Carolina by almost 30 points.
From NYT: 'How It All Came Apart for Bernie Sanders.'
Here's your surest sign yet that the Bernie campaign is coming to an end very soon: internal recriminations aired in the NYT It's no longer a "campaign" geared at winning Bernie the Democratic nomination, so soliciting donations on that basis is unethical
Surprising takeaway here is that was the person with the correct advice.
Interesting stuff about the Sanders campaign here but tbh I want to know more about why made the choice she made, especially given these paragraphs.
I feel like a lot of people are overthinking this. Biden and Buttigieg appealed to the same voters. When Buttigieg dropped out, Biden got all of those voters for himself. I'm not sure it's that much more complicated than that.
Feels like this explains a lot about the demise of the Sanders campaign.
How ' campaign crumbled