ICYMI, a recording of 's webinar on transitioning surveys from in-person to over the phone is available here 👇 📱More resources on phone surveys here 👇
Check out our new compilation of resources on best practices for conducting phone surveys: (& don't forget to join us on Zoom TOMORROW at 9am ET w/ for a discussion on adapting to phone surveys):
IN 30 MINUTES: Join us for a discussion w/ Tavneet Suri (), on transitioning a large-scale survey from in-person to phone surveys, w/ focus on shortening questionnaires: & don't miss our compilation of resources:
JPAL's "Best Practices for Conduction Phone Surveys." In-person interviews for data collection are being hit hard. This is a great resource for how to adapt data collection methods for the foreseeable future.
and @3ieNews have both just blogged suggestions regarding whether / how to do phone surveys at the moment.