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Now Up: On the novel coronavirus, how to keep yourself safe, and why we need to keep self-isolating for now. We can assure you that there is nothing here about this being a British plot, or why you should follow your cravings and eat ALL the chips.
if you aren't catching and his wife Heather Heyer's podcast....its amazing. Imagine the NPR voice to the tenth power, talking about stuff that makes you feel smarter than you really are.
Here’s the link to the livestream, today at 2pm pacific time! The conversation will remain up on both YouTube and as a Dark Horse Podcast afterwards
I thought and 's video was very helpful, biological background, practical advice on masks and hygiene, and the personal anecdote was helpful too. Great.
Excellent lockdown live chat with and - big picture evolutionary biology and practical advice on trying to keep safe
I watched Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein’s chat about COVID-19. The way they communicate with each other and their calming voices are a delight in dark times. Such goddamn likable people. Some practical and useless advice for people too.
Thank you for this. I am not trying to downplay the carnage, at all. In fact, & I have been doing 2x weekly livestreams about the pandemic, from an evolutionary perspective, in which we make it quite clear how serious this is. This was #1
Loving this podcast with & re: #Covid_19 Smart people with the kinds of soothing voices that make you feel calm in a crisis. Interesting re: hot bath as I've heard that heat helps the virus.
What birds did you see during your birdwatching with Bret? Mentioned at some point here