A very upsetting description, by a doctor, of what it is like to tell a dying patient that he or she can no longer have visitors, and will die alone. It's difficult to read. This is going to start to happen a lot.
When You Die of the Coronavirus, You Die Alone Containing a pandemic means keeping visitors out of the I.C.U. My patients will suffer in solitary confinement.
Absolutely shattering.
There aren't enough words for how devastating this is
A hospital without visitors means increasing isolation for our patients — how can we help them?
What a powerful piece from Dr. . "The hospital is changing its rules, I said. No more visitors. When you leave today, you both need to say goodbye."
Read this—now. It's what I'm going through, too
"We’ve banished all visitors. It’s a tough decision that leaves our patients to suffer through their illnesses in a medical version of solitary confinement," writes , a critical care doctor.
‘Talking with one of the nurse practitioners in our hospital’s new Covid-19 I.C.U. one recent night, I asked what worried her most. “Patients dying alone,” she replied quickly.’ Haunting piece by . #covid19
This is one of the toughest parts. You cannot comfort your loved one and you must grieve alone. We will rely on the health care providers to be our surrogates, to provide, in addition to medical care, the comfort which we cannot.
One of the most arresting pieces I've read highlighting the emotional toll of a COVID-related decision: restricting visitors at hospitals means patients are suffering (and dying) alone without loved ones by their side.
The President of the United States wants thousands more people to die alone in a hospital because his corporate funders are scared of a few bad quarters.
First #Coronavirus robs us of our health, then robs us of our humanity When You Die of the Coronavirus, You Die Alone
When You Die of the #Coronavirus, You Die Alone. Containing a #pandemic means keeping visitors out of the ICU. My patients will suffer in solitary confinement, by via #COVID19
Please read this before you go back to work or return to social activities. Think about the millions who will die alone and in pain if Trump and the GOP prioritize the market over public health and human life. We need #SocialSolidarity to beat #COVID19.
I’ve been pretty calm in my response to COVID-19 but this undid me. Not just a tear, but visceral gut reaction, chest heaving sobs that tell you your heart hurts. It identifies one of my deepest fears, that I or the people I love will die alone, ... 1/2
When our loved ones die, we will not be at their side to hold them and look them in the eyes and tell them we love them as the blood comes gargling from their froth-corrupted lungs.
An ICU doctor writes on what it's like to care for #covid19 patients, being scared, and having to leave patients without visitors, possibly to die, alone, -
But, hey, let's open up the economy.
When you die of #coronavirus , you die alone via
Monetize a million people dying alone. I'll wait.
The state does not have the right to restrict us from the bedside of dying loved ones. cf the Ancient Greek tragedians
Opinion | I’m on the Front Lines. I Have No Plan for This. - The New York Times
This is a heartbreaking but important read. We have to find ways to be able to care as well as treat. "I’m on the Front Lines. I Have No Plan for This."
When You Die of the Coronavirus, You Die Alone
This--requiring people to die alone--is barbarism. Saving lives cannot be more important than the lives it is supposed to save.
Read this, then tell the politicians who want to rush us back to "business-as-usual" to sit down and shut up.
News from the front line for the #WartimePresident
Death in Solitude... "I’m on the Front Lines. I Have No Plan for This."