“the CDC came up with its no-masks policy years ago, long before there was any supply shortage.” Some evidence that the CDC, like so many others, are not strategically misleading us. It’s more likely that they are deeply confused, which is worse.
doctors are constitutionally incapable of distinguishing “no evidence for” from “there is evidence against” This is true lmao
scott alexander concludes that masks *probably* do help *some* in preventing infection. i actually specifically remember the 2015 NPR piece about how masks don't work ("silly asians!"). pretty pissed.
Why do healthcare authorities in the west insist masks don't work when the available evidence suggest they in fact do? I assumed it was to stop people from hoarding masks that should go to healthcare workers but Scott Alexander has another explanation
Slate Star Codex's look at the evidence on facemasks is worth reading, if you've got a few minutes
This “Face Masks: Much More Than You Wanted to Know” post from is great, but I actually still want to know more.
Face masks: more than you wanted to know
Excellent discussion, thanks for putting this together
Here's Scott Alexander's summary
Long, fascinating post on what the scientific literature tells us about the extent to which standard facemasks reduce contagion in both directions /7
My read of the evidence is, masks likely provide little *protection* for healthy individuals outside high-risk environments
Exhaustive resource on face masks:does it protect the wearer from being infected? Scott Alexander :excellent as always
Related, this recent line from is so apt: "Just like the legal term for 'not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt' is 'not guilty', the medical communication term for 'not proven effective beyond a reasonable doubt' is 'not effective'".
"Should you wear a mask?" - Please don't buy up masks when there is a shortage. "Were the CDC recommendations intentionally deceptive?" - No, and I owe them an apology there.
"The medical communication term for “not proven effective beyond a reasonable doubt” is “not effective”."
Shortage of N95 masks, but not KN95 masks. Main difference appears that only first approved by the FDA. Many hospitals reusing N95 masks rather than going for KN95 ones.
This is best review I seen Very little disagreement that masks help If large amount of people wore them highly likely that transmission would be much lower
SSC suggests it was less a noble lie to save them for healthcare workers than a mentality that thinks p>.05 is the same thing as a substantive null
This seems like a good summary of the mask debate
SSC reviews the evidence on masks, concludes they probably do help.
So the first part is actually not true!
Face Masks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know via
Probably time to update our terms: “More recently, scientists have realized that droplet and airborne transmission exist along more of a spectrum.”
Face Masks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
Funny thing about the mask guidelines obsession is that roughly the same crowd that tweets naked Slate Star Codex links at you in lieu of making their own point would not agree with his exhaustive review of the information surrounding masks and their use.
SlateStarCodex on face-masks: " I hypothesized that the CDC was intentionally lying to us ... so there would be enough for health care workers." "But that can’t be true, because the CDC and other experts came up with their no-masks policy years ago"
That's what I meant, sorry - the question of whether they work in public. And I don't know about that! It seems to me that there aren't very many high-quality studies out there. More citations here
Face Masks: Much More Than You Wanted To Know | State Star Codex #Masks4All #MasksWork #longread #Cornavirus #SARSCoV2
There was a good overview of evidence here
I've been wondering about masks and the pros and cons of wearing them, and this was interesting.