Help frontline responders around the world get masks, gowns, gloves and other critical supplies
Frontline Responders Fund- Hospitals are running low on masks, gowns, and other critical items. We need to replenish their supplies. Take action, make a donation and ask others to join the fight. Let’s protect the responders on the frontlines.
Lots of folks have been asking how to help our responders on the frontlines. This fund is doing just that! Donate if you’re able #FrontlineFund
Please join me in donating $ to support Flexport's GoFundMe to get needed supplies to the front lines to help nurses and doctors nationwide. Frontline Responders Fund
. teams up with , , & other business leaders to create the #frontlinefund, a fundraiser to deliver personal protective equipment to medical professionals in our hospitals:
You can support our frontline responders by getting them the protective equipment they desperately need. I'm in touch with one of the organizers of this campaign, . Please do what you can to help. Frontline Responders Fund
You don’t have to give a million dollars to make an impact. Every dollar helps protect our healthcare heroes on the front lines
If you want to donate to Flexport's project to get masks and other protective equipment for America's healthcare workers, you can do it here. Arnold Schwarzenegger donated a million dollars!
The #FrontlineRespondersFund is getting PPE to our healthcare heroes: #GivingTuesdayNow
If you are able, I really recommend giving a few dollars to help get more masks to our healthcare heroes
So grateful for the work and friends are doing to get essential masks and protective equipment to hospitals ASAP. Please join & I in helping the: Frontline Responders Fund
I just donated to the Frontline Responders Fund. Hospitals are running low on masks, gowns, and other critical items. We need to replenish their supplies. Help them help us! Take action, make a donation, and ask others to join the fight.
. and I are matching donations up to $250,000 to the Frontline Responders Fund. They are getting much-needed supplies in the hands of healthcare professionals. Choose us as the referring team member to activate our match! #COVID19
Thanks to and Airlines, we’re able to entirely fill cargo planes with supplies. A $20 donation could potentially ship 160 masks — every donation counts.
Donate at the GoFundMe link below or text “flexport” to 707070
Please donate if you can - Frontline Responders Fund
I just donated $50k to the Frontline Responders Fund. Hospitals are running low on masks, gowns, and other critical items. We need to replenish supplies for dedicated nurses and doctors across the USA. Take action, donate & ask others to join the fight.
just donated another $2500 to Frontline Responders Fund to get medical supplies and PPE to people fighting #COVID19. is matching up to $100k in donations.
We’ve raised over $6M and shipped over 45M units of PPE & other medical supplies, but our work is far from over. Read more in our latest update.
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I've been coordinating with daily & it's not easy to get masks globally into the right hands, but he's getting it done. We are almost at $3M & even put in $1M (I want more animal videos) #shipmasks
I did some research and this is one of the most efficient response to the lack of masks, gowns and protective equipment for our doctors and nurses. I just donated. Please help. Frontline Responders Fund
250,000 face shields heading to a hospital in NYC. Let's go people! Donate here, we will put it to immediate use, I promise:
Please support the Frontline Responders fundraise effort - we need to get PPE to healthcare and frontline staff!
financial help for overdraft fees- assist elderly- remote work survey- logistics non profit- supplies for front line workers-
$6.8M Already Raised for Frontline Responders Fund!!
Wondering how you can help our wonderful frontline responders vs #covid19? - is matching first $100K, just select his name in the team member drop down. I'm feeling better from at least doing something for others now :)
In the last week, (initialized 2016) has been working on shipping urgently needed goods to NYC’s responders. These shipments have included 1K ventilators, 70K goggles, and 855K masks! Support their efforts by donating below ⬇️
delivered more than 20M units of personal protective equipment to front line hospital workers in the last 2 weeks. Almost all of it donated and delivered for free. Much more is possible. Donate here:
We have $14M in funding requests outstanding, representing more than $100M in donated merchandise that's awaiting air uplift. Donate today to get this life saving equipment to the front lines ASAP.
Join me in helping get more masks to our frontline heroes. Thank you team , and thanks for your leadership, !
Hospitals are running low on masks, gowns, and other critical items. We need to replenish their supplies. I just donated and please help by contributing what you can to the Frontline Responders Fund
Grateful I could support this in a small way with a donation. Very proud of and the (initialized 2014) team (wtg ) for spearheading this initiative making a huge impact for our healthcare professionals.
Shipped over 7.7 million units of PPE and COVID-19 response items, including approximately: 6.9 million masks, 240,000 gowns, 1,000 ventilators, 155,000 gloves, and even 250,000 meals . Please keep sharing/donating!
Also has raised as much funding this week as Flexport's original seed round thanks to people like Donate here:
I like nonprofits that are (a) working on an important problem, and (b) effective. Masks are an important problem. Already shipping 747s full of them is effective. Please join me in donating
Join me! Donated to Frontline Responders Fund
Why is Flexport CEO special? He relentlessly learns, like that you can ship 1.15M pieces of PPE in a passenger plane. He's now helped deliver 62M pieces & raised $7M for COVID relief
Motivation is when calls & tells me that I'll look back & know the exhaustion of what we are doing is making an impact on getting millions of masks/PPE supplies to the front lines. Please donate.. we are almost to $5M
Give to help save the lives of medical workers who may soon save your life.
Really appreciate the work that Flexport has been doing on the Frontline Responders Fund. Consistent updates. Consistent help.
If you’re still looking for an effective way to help with getting PPE to frontline responders in the COVID-19 crisis, ’s GoFundMe is the perfect way to contribute in a meaningful way.
This means we definitely need more funds to ship to the frontlines, please donate!!