I know it all looks very bleak for the US right now. Our covid19 response is testing the trope of "American exceptionalism," but where the government & institutions have failed, ordinary Americans step up. We're our government's failsafe.
My friends at Operation Masks are getting masks to New York State healthcare workers people doing what they can to help 👍
Excited to share I'm taking on a volunteer role with starting immediately. I'll be helping out on fundraising, PPE sourcing direct from suppliers, and product design. Thanks to for pulling me in! Let's do this.
Good morning. Thinking about all of the healthcare workers going into work today while the rest of us stay safe at home. Let's keep them safe as well. Please donate to buy masks and other protective equipment here
is looking for talented designers and engineers to build the firehose to fight the corona fires. We will ship millions of masks, gloves, and other protective equipment to every hospital in the country and we want to make this as easy as shipping from amzn
From the factory to the front line. We are ready to help
Your daily reminder that masks save lives. Please donate here
We started to get #PPE directly to the front lines. Keep our health workers safe while they keep us safe. Tell us what you need, what you can help us find, and donate to boot if you can!
Hospital workers need to put on their own masks 😷 before helping others.👩🏾‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️ If you are a hospital or medical establishment in need, please sign up here
People's mettle is particularly visible in times of crisis. Not surprised yet still humbled & impressed by the character & dedication of , proud of you & your work behind
Now is simply not the time for partisan bickering. Our sick people and their angels are depending on us. If you're feeling hopeless, I encourage you to check out Robin's (501C3) and contribute to send supplies to arm our soldiers, if you can.
This is where concerned citizens come in. Silicon Valley founders and VCs like started a charity called to get supplies to our frontline workers, mobilizing their contacts to acquire large quantities to fuel our war efforts.
Hospitals are going through enough chaos, they don’t need more. While it’s great that folks like , , and many others are stepping up to deliver masks, it’s crucial that we restore order to supply chains ASAP/37
We should be thanking doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical admin staff for their service. Making sure they have protective equipment in the campaign against COVID is the least we can do. is getting workers the gear they need. Donate here
Donation shaming is en vogue. It is reprehensible and costs money and lives. Social reinforcement is prove to increase donations. Now give!
Thanks for publishing my commentary on how the U.S. can fix the PPE crisis facing our healthcare workers. For how YOU can help, please donate to , or
😢 It's going to be very long weekend. Send ♥️ to those you know in NYC and other hot spots. Donate $ for PPE, emergency meals and more