”To stop COVID-19, test everyone, repeatedly.” Me and Jussi Taipale propose a simple strategy to defeat coronavirus, and pose a challenge to the scientific community.
Others who have reached the same conclusion I’ve been promoting: “To stop COVID-19, test everyone, repeatedly”
Joel, I’ve been in touch with a team that has proposed something like this. See their description here: Turns out that we are much closer to an at-home neucluic acid test akin to PCR but one that is isothermal, without the temperature cycles of PCR.
proposes a radically simple strategy: "just test everyone, repeatedly. If everyone is tested there is no need to trace contacts, because they will also have been tested"
1/ a recent #preprints on how to fight #COVID-19 using universal frequent testing. It's from a world leading lab, but not peer-reviewed. It's worth reading to see the way testing/modelling works and can be largely understood by many citizens
6. Separate from my simulations I took up a line of argument proposed by Sten Linnarsoon and Jussi Taipale — you can put a bound on the number of tests that you need to be sure that “test and isolate” will push R below 1.
Many seem to put much hope on this "test everyone weekly for $10" strategy. That seems quite a long shot to me, esp. re whole world. Sure, pursue many long shots in parallel, but don't count on this sort of thing, right? Or what am I missing?
Aside from therapeutics and vaccines, perhaps the most important leverage bio folks can have to solve this mess is isothermal amplification at room temperature for low-cost, fast, at-home testing.