~ on why the pandemic may accelerate the exodus of young professionals & families from megacities to less densely populated regions. Megacities were already too crowded & too expensive before they became too unhealthy
"In the future, cities may not be defined as physical places but as what MIT’s late futurist William Mitchell described as “cities of bits.” ... New digital connections could incubate a new urban culture unlike any we have seen."
The Coming Age of Dispersion "The long-term effects of the pandemic remain uncertain. But one possible consequence is an acceleration of the end of the megacity era....and the dispersion of population." #RiseOfRest
Joel Kotkin of course wrote a piece about this: I somewhat disagree, I don't think cities are "over", but I also don't think we'll see much of the same megacity cheerleading that was done by and others over the past decade+
"Half of all COVID-19 cases in Spain, for example, have occurred in Madrid while the Milan region, with its cosmopolitan population and economy, accounts for half of all cases in Italy and almost three-fifths of the deaths."
The Coming Age of Dispersion
The Coming Age of Dispersion - Quillette