1) my book is really interesting. If you like cults, misfits, and heretics, you'll love it 2) you're not going to fix coronavirus by doomscrolling about it nonstop 3) so why don't you just pre-order it already so I can stop bugging you all? :)
The thing about writing books is that it's really hard, it takes forever, and sometimes the world is on fire when you publish it. My talented colleague has a book coming out—you should read the excerpt () and pre-order!
My wonderful colleague has a new book coming out called Weird and it's fascinating and you should pre-order it now
Hey book people! The lovely and talented has a new book out next week. And we’re doing an instagram live today to talk about it! 3pm ET, on Olga’s page, . Join us! And if you have ?s ahead of time, send ‘em my way.