Goop's best and brightest: "I don't believe in germ-based contagion. I just don't believe it in anymore. I'm kind of liberated from it... It's not a conceptual framework I operate from." Truly, the most dangerous new media brand out there.
Goop expert claims coronavirus doesn't exist and deaths are caused by fear
The words "Goop" and "expert" need to be socially distanced from each other by at least six feet.
Don't worry about coronavirus, folks. This psychiatrist tells us to just "try other narratives" and stop coronavirus deaths by changing our thoughts! Laugh, but honestly this is the logical outcome of a certain strain of positive psychology.
*this QUACK is a first class loon. i will never forget the day a MEDICAL DOCTOR friend (not anymore) of mine recommended her. yeah this is why I don't respect you or ALT MED* Goop expert says coronavirus doesn't exist: 'There is potentially no such thing '
[Reality] is “not a conceptual framework I operate within”. Fewer people may be listening to these nutters but #coronavirus #misinformation at this from all over the political landscape.