"Elmhurst is just getting destroyed." Coronavirus patients are overwhelming a hospital that's at the center of New York's pandemic crisis. Here's what a doctor there wants you to know.
"Elmhurst is just getting destroyed....I've never seen anything like it before." by
"Normally patients this sick are surrounded by family, who are concerned, crying. But there’s no visitors allowed in the hospital now so these people are dying alone. There’s this awful quietness. This mechanical hiss, in and out, of the ventilator."
Extremely real stuff from this Elmhurst doctor who spoke with
Last night, I talked to a physician at Elmhurst, the hospital at the center of New York City's COVID-19 outbreak. He described a terrifying and demoralizing situation, the details of which I will never forget
Jesus, this story on the point of view of an ER doctor.
A doctor at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens: "With Trump, it’s straightforward to say he has killed people by his response already, and will continue to kill people if he wants to reopen the country."
Almost every line of this interview with a doctor at Elmhurst hospital is shocking. The situation there is an absolute nightmare.
This interview with a doctor in New York is worth reading
"It’s not just killing the uninformed. It’s killing people wearing PPE." read 's interview with a doctor at Elmhurst Hospital Center about the truly grim situation there